Tavern of Legends ripped me off

Not that you’ll do anything about it, because you never do, but I flew thru tavern of legends and was on stage 10, about half way to killing the final 3 and blink… the game disappeared. My top team was gone. I tried again with a left over team but your bogus game of forever life there is no way to kill them with a left over team. And I’m getting really tired of uninstalling/reinstalling almost daily lately. I want the loot from tower of legends. I was nearing the end of stage 10 with maybe 3 or 4 total heros list. Is that why the game disappeared?

Not much anyone can/will do about the game crashing on your device; so…

For what it’s worth, I don’t use my best team straight away on stage 10.
I always use either 2nd or 3rd best in case your unfortunate situation happens.

Instead of flying through like you mention, perhaps use lower strength teams and items in the early levels so you’ve got a larger selection of stronger heroes for later.

You can get to level 9 with 3* heroes. You can get to level 4 or 5 with heroes at lvl 1.1

If your game is continuously crashing, then you should plan for that.


Why not?
There are at least three threads form the OP about the game crashing.
And this one mentioning consistently re-installing.
Why would you just go straight in on the last level without at least expecting it to close…

The game has been doing this for years. Nothing is ever done about it. My reply isn’t going to fix the server.
My suggestions reflect this - fix what you can, so you aren’t relying on SG.

Why are you assuming the server crashed? What was described wasn’t a connection loss, it was a client crash.

And the game (the actual battle) runs purely on the client.

Have a good day. My apologies for responding at all :slightly_smiling_face:


Your device is probably too old to handle the game

This is the pertinent comment. The game has been doing this to YOU. When you have an almost unique user experience of the game being dreadful and others where new builds being mostly solid like me (The app broke once and has required (maybe not) just ~6 reinstalls in almost 2.5 years.), I have to start questioning what third party software are you running on your phone?

I don’t know why everyone keeps replying to me.

My game is solid.
I’m trying to provide a solution to the OP.

The game. Not my game.

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Sorry to hear that sad experience. Players throughout the years have been complaining about the “game crashing” while they are doing their hits in the maps or in the quests or against the titan, or in raids and in wars, resulting to the loss of world energy, raid and/or war flags. If it was the first time encountering it, then you are lucky. Some of us have seen their mobile devices flying across the room for the loss flag/s. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

A dropped internet connection to your device in the middle of a time-sensitive battle (such as raid / tournament / war) where the outcome can impact other players will result in a loss. The actual battle takes place on your device and if the device cannot communicate with the server the result is not transferred.

As said, this has been an ongoing problem in the game but it has nothing to do with the servers or any conspiracy against you finishing the quest / tournament. It probably requires a rewrite of the code to fix and is probably well down SG’s priority list. It would be nice if they did address the problem but … they just blame connection issues that are beyond their control.

Yes, game crashed me 2day as well. Never happened before though. Me lost nothing. While bringing 2days atlantis offer, suddenly game crashed. Purchase was done though. When i went back again, coins and gems whete ready to claim.
Why we cant start battles from where we left when game crashes.
#note - im not talking about weak connections.

Because the match is run entirely on your client. It’s not sending move info to the server every match.

If it was you’d notice on a slow/bad connection.

My only advice that i use is to do the 1st 5 stages with 3* heros and then the next 2-3 with only 4* so you should be able to mono stack final 2-3 with 5* if you have the roster to support. When this event started i didnt have any the rosters to have an extra team now i do.

Everytime I finish Taverns of Legends, I NEVER use my best team.

I always put my best team on the bench as backup if something do not go as planned.

Don’t want to be ripped off by ToL? Play smart.


You mean this blackberry flip phone isn’t good enough? I am playing on the Samsung Notes20 ultra. The best phone on the market.

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