Tavern of legends is a broken design

We’re now a few month into this so called Tavern of legends, and it might just as well be called Tavern of Sisiphus. Because just like the Olimpian legendary character, the player has to do excruciating painful labour, month after month, reaching the end, only to start over next month… I’m not talking here about the low 5* summoning odds, but about the stupidity of this entire quest. Compleating this is by far the hardest and most demanding mission in the entire game, incomparable to any event tier, rare quest, class quest or costumes quest, due to the stress it apllies on your roster. And the rewards are, also by far, the worst. For me, any mistake during the highest three or four stages would make it virtually impossible to complete, due to my limited 5* roster (15 × 4/80). There is no second attempt for me, I know I have to make it right the first time, or I won’t have the firepower to make it. And this wouldn’t be an issue if the rewards, at the end of this most challenging event of all, would somehow match the difficulty of it… But, no! We do all this heavy lifting for two lousy pulls that always result in two S1 3* feeders, no exception. This could be acceptable if there was another way (other than credit card) to get those legend tokens. But there’s none. So, I have to fight 10 of the most difficult battles of each month, to get two 3* heroes. Why should I fight this hardest quest every month… just like Edmund Hillary said, because it’s there… but the lack of fair reward for fair effort is infuriating… pathetic… useless… despicable… do something about it, make it worth our time.

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