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For me the challenge is what matters but I agree the reward is unexciting. At least when you do a rare quest you get a 3* and a 4* unfarmable mat. Or when you finish the Ninja tower, arguably the odds of the Ninja Portal are awful but at least you got your emblems and you have a chance of a 4* unfarmable mat. The odds of the Legends portals are ridiculously stupid and there are no other rewards but coins. Moreover this thing stays for 4 whole days. 4 days for a rare quest. How lame is that.

you didn’t understand the event

what I would like to say

finishing award missing

As with other missions, it should give a loot when completed


It is not missing. We already knew what the prime rewards are.

We’ll, your idea is nothing new. Please read:

I do understand what you’re saying. It is nothing new. Please read the link.

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You received 2 gravemakers in tol ?? And you re f2p? You re the luckiest man in this game !

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Theres this too…

Me and @Guvnor asked staff in a convocation about a week ago… with changes with the “new calendar” both giving ideas on stuff.

Iv cleared TOL in a day ok sure it may take some other people longer etc… But 4 days is insane,
It’s bascially due to ninja tower as NT lasts longer which I agree should last that long.
Well guess I’m free to farm what ever till trials on Sunday or If a quest I want to do is on :woman_shrugging:

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Here’s my suggestion to both increase revenues for TOL in the short term, address the “Legendary” aspect of the Tavern, and manage the dissemination of past HOTMs.

1 - Announce that in X month’s time, players will no longer be able to use Gems to purchase bulk summons in the TOL. If you want to use gems, your last opportunity will be X month.

2 - Create a Guaranteed 5* super-summon in place of the summon 10 button that costs 1000 legends coins. So even a F2P can use it once every 10 months, if you finish the taverrn every time, or you buy the packages that give you legends coins.

3 - This will incentivize players to save their coins and do fewer summons from the TOL, but also drive revenues for SG because there will be BIG value in buying those TOL packages. And the odds of getting a featured hero will still be higher, but if you split the 4 featured heroes at 10% each, and then split the rest of the non-featured heroes at the remaining 60%, that’s a pretty good deal. Myztero bonus and active HOTM could be included too, for equity’s sake.

4 Profit for SG. Joy for Players

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