Tavern of Legends Improvements - share and discuss

This is the single worst event in E&P. Good concept with roster management but it’s way too easy and the odds are junk. Be creative put emblem packs in the pulls, 4 star ascension items, food and iron bundles get rid of season 1 hero’s…just make it better even if it’s 4 times a year stagger it away from the seasonal events…make ie special people will spend. Not seeing a dollar of my money in its current form.

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Unfortunately I think SG will play the long game on this one, once Miki, Vela and Tell rolls into the event you will see an increase in spending

Because this event is kind of pointless, the part I enjoy the most is not knowing the bosses, it atleast bring some excitement into the event, but for the love of it, why was another day added to this event? It is way to short to justify what feels like a whole week for the event

Please…PLEASE add Bonus Ascension Chests to the Legends Portal.

It would be interesting to merge the Tavern of Legends Portal with the Elemental Summons Portal.

  1. Keep the event quest at its current frequency for earning free pulls and advertising deals
  2. The Elemental Summons Portal would accept ToL coins
  3. The combined portal would still be monochrome and rotate through colors at its current frequency
  4. Old HOTM would be available at the same rate, but players could at least choose the element they want to pull for by timing summons
  5. The secret summon bonus would still apply (Myztero)
  6. The HOTM chance would be available

I don’t think it’s an unreasonable idea that boosts the value of the portal by the 1.3% chance to get the HOTM and the ability of folks to target an element their roster is deficient in. Someone could get lucky and get Myztero + HOTM in 1 draw, but the odds of that happening are negligible.

Edit: An example;

Elemental Summons for Holy would have the following odds:
Joon, Justice, Leonidas, Vivica: 1.3%
Musashi, Delilah, Drake Fong, Onatel, Ranvir: 1.2%
Li Xiu, Hu Tao, Chao, Wu Kong: 26.5%
Bane, Dawa, Gan Ju, Kailani: 71%


Hello.After almost 2 years of playing, putting in the effort, time and money you can only get a disappointment, feel free to put it with everything you sell to you to donate that money is you not giving you anything for it in return. It’s embarrassing to put money into a game and better pass a player you didn’t make anything from. Do you have any shame, so your cheek turns red on all the criticism you get? It’s unfortunate that you can ruin such a good game with your greed. I warmly greet you and feel free to write to me

I agree with you that out of 10 pulls I get stinky 3 * and a bunch of slow heroes. The statistics are pretty itchy. Months of collecting gems and then disappointment in the end, they were stingy​:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:

I’ve got a ton of material and no heroes in traces, the less you invest the less you get, the more logic doesn’t exist in this game.

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As others have suggested already I think Taverns should be updated to be more challenging with more stages and have better rewards - maybe some resource bundles and more coins. If you make more stages it will give us more reason to build a deep bench - that means more incentive to pull for and level more heroes. This I thought was supposed to provide a challenge for veteran players but right now it’s kind of boring tbh. Ninja tower is a much better event imo.


I just spent 15 minutes with a mostly green team trying to kill Ares, after which I just gave up. His health never even came below 3000.


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Here you go. Hope this helps in the current TOL 4th March. Good luck in the event

hours of effort

nothing as a result

the hero is not coming

yes to that


but finishing award


must have a finishing award

Tavern of legends, in my mind, is like any other rare quest of similar nature: costume quests, other 4* ascension mats quest, emblems quest, etc. where players are after the keys, ascension mats, emblems, etc. Though appearing in alternate months with the Ninja Tower event, Tavern of Legends does not have the same jibe and feel of such a special event.

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Aren’t the two free pulls the reward?

Albeit the odds are awful.


tyrum and bane ?

We can buy them anywhere

3* and 4* should give ascension objects

finishing award missing

episodes are too difficult for new players

Minimum 50 heroes required

After having 50 heroes

Do you need a bane?

unnecessary for old players

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I think we’ve all been saying that for a long time


So, you think new players should finish all available quests and events without working their asses off by grinding through months or years? I have yet to see a Grade 1 pupil who became a graduating college student the following year. Maybe if such student was accelerated for being a genius. Well, the same can be done also in the game if you are a moneyed player willing to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars buying all the heroes, food, iron, materials, and maxing and embleming them in just a couple of months.


That is exactly what he was saying. Only old players can achieve this event, precisely those who don’t need the old s1 rare heroes. So this event is useless

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I know several of my members who played a year or more after I started playing this game were able to finish ToL.

I use some classic S1 rare and epic heroes. And mind you, they don’t have emblems and costumes. For players like me, this is one of those instances where players are going to use less-used or forgotten heroes.

Maybe for you. Some of us here find it a good way to get Legends Coins without spending real money to get gems to buy in-game coins. Some of us have been converted in that instead of purchasing gems for us to summon like what we did in the past, we opt to get and hoard gems, tokens, coins and keys. Those 200 Legends Coins from the ToL quest are better investment of the energy flags, enabling us to summon twice using the coins from the said quest, than getting nothing. I know the odds are not that favorable, but at least you have a chance getting old HOTMs. I got my 2nd and 3rd GM from the first two ToLs. The past HOTMs are there. You just need to summon. Whether you summon for a fee or for free, it is up to the player. If you don’t like it, nobody is forcing us to play the quest or to summon. Better use your WE flags in 1-8-7.

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