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IMO the whole point of this event is to reward roster depth.
If you get to use any alive heroes for an eternity, most people will just breeze through the entire thing with a single 5* team, since there is no way they die before stage 9-10.

We already have enough events that you can complete with one team.

Tavern is currently not meant to be completed entirely by new (<1 year) f2p players - and that’s fine! There’s too many events to bother with anyway.

Just my €0.02.

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This is a good idea or they could reduce the amount of coins needed for one pull. I can only get 50 coins each month, so for one summon I need to wait two months. It would be nice to have a chance to summon one Dawa during this event every month. :wink:

This time the event feels a lot more challenging, but for the wrong reasons.

Honestly I believe the fact that element link heal (4% max hp per turn) wasn’t downscaled like boss ability heals (from 40% to 10%) is an oversight.

What I would like to see is it getting tweaked to 1% per turn, HP doubled (essentially heal cut by half) and defense reduced to double tile/special damage.

This would reduce the effectiveness of items, putting more emphasis on working the board and actually using your heroes, while leaving the general difficulty about the same.

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The are featured Older HotM on the ToL — but being featured doesn’t appear to improve odds.

This is different than every other summon and gives a false impression.

at the very least change/remove the word featured (and removing the link to current HoTM from the ToL banner) so to be consistent


I believe that it would not ruin the game if it improved the % and reduced the coins from 100 to 10

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  • add ability to pull current HotM as well on the portal; it’s fine if that’s at the cost of S1 legendary heroes being removed from the pool, we can pull them elsewhere anyways
  • add reward system; maybe add some Elemental Chest tier RNG chest as a reward for completing the entire ladder, and some minor one half way through.
  • unbreak the heroes’ mana speed issues; these just feel weird, on 1st iteration GM was charging worse than Guardian Owl, and on this iteration Evelyn seemed slower than Drake
  • add featured old HotMs at better %

Bonus suggestion:

  • run the event twice a month and not just once
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Tol is way too easy, need to add a easy and hard tab. Solves 2 problems., makes game better as you would really have to stragize for hard making it more interesting. Also give double the pulls.

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It’s more work than it’s worth … but a leaderboard where you get more “widgets (points, coins, etc) ” by using weaker teams would add an interesting element f2p could capitalize on

As is - it’s a super quest with nothing but 2 summons worth of coins; which makes it kind of boring the second time around —

A variable element where replays can squeeze out a few more coins on a redo could be interesting —

This could have been a fun way to explore your roster of heroes… ends up being a complete waste of time. This kind of ■■■■ is enough to break me…

It’s nice that SG rewards roster depth and long term commitment to the game with literally the worst gate. Hoping once I reach 100 leveled 5*s and 4 years playing they’ll give me a Dawa every week for a month!

You’re 100 percent correct and we told them all this in Beta and… you guessed it, nothing we said mattered.

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The roster mastery aspect is the ONLY enjoyable part of ToL.


What I want to know is how we’re supposed to get all the way through the Tavern event with only 6 teams if we can only use each hero once?

I made 11 withdrawals together. See what they gave me. (I got frustrated. This will be the last purchase). I expected to get at least 2 champions. *

I think its good as is. Saves me a ton of money.

Imagine what you would spend if there would be a guaranteed
5* after 30 pulls… could get quite expensive :wink:

So SG keeps their heroes and I keep my money. Think its fair.

Also… please stop complaining about the pulls in this portal. You look
like a total ***** since everyone told you last month.

Since S2 is really rare and once you completed the coins are really rare. They are sort of legends. They could replace S1 with S2 in the less desirable pull at the tavern

Replacing s1 with s2 heroes will be an interesting solution and will make something new (a portal without s1 heroes outcome, and as worst outcome a s2 hero which is not so bad).

However I highly doubt it will happen. I will continue to:

  • collect coins and save them WITHOUT using them
  • do not spend gems here for any reason (usually I use gems only in s2 or s3 portal… surely not here)
  • do not buy any offer for this event for any reason (usually I do not buy event offers as a general rule, but in this case it is total no worth on spending a single cent for absolute nothing, seeing that - except of the very low chance of getting an HOTM - there is any other (even little) valuable outcome compared to other special portals.

The best way to increase our chance of being heard about tavern portal is not buy any offer related to this event. If NO ONE player buys ANY offer during this event and do not spend any gem in this event, than SG will discover that there is not earning money for this event and should do something to making it appealing.

Until a single player continue to spend in an event like this one where it is so clear that there is not a single desiderable outcome possible, we are out of hope.

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In luie of making it possible to expect the summoning of good 5* heroes in this summon portal, what if season 2 and 3 and perhaps some event 3* and 4* heroes were in this portal as well?

In the avalon event last week, I didnt get Black Knight but I did get two Bauchans which will be cool for tournaments. Perhaps a similar dynamics for this tavern portal would make it less useless.

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This is where we are - asking for shades and grades of useless. Not use-ful, just marginally better than good for nothing.

Code Blue - Costs more to use than it’s worth.
Code Red - Useless.
Code Orange - Slightly useless.
Code Yellow - Meh.
Code Green - Might as well.

Here, I think we’re trying to move from orange to yellow. You have my vote.


I made two withdrawals in the hope that they had improved and the result was disappointing, so I stopped completing the withdrawal process

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