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How many heroes do you have leveled for war?

What level titans do you hit in your alliance? I’m glad that there are 8* and 9* titans for me to hit, even if my loot is not as good as the loot from a 14* titan. Fighting a 14* titan everyday would not be fun or playable for me. But for someone fighting a 14* titan, it would not be fun to fight an 8* titan everyday, even though it would be playable. Players find enjoyment in facing challenges commensurate with their ability. Having the opportunity to fail provides a way to measure growth.

This is completely incorrect. I do not score above 20,000 place. I do not receive very huge loots. I get some troop tokens and WE flasks. I get the AMs from completing each tier. These bosses were no more difficult than legendary challenge event levels. There is likely a large percentage of the player base completing ToL this month.


It’s a new event, and I believe not knowing the enemies was part of the challenge, and to be honest, don’t expect to see the same line-up of enemies at next month’s Tavern of Legends either. There’s like 30 former Heroes of the Month older than 1 year that can be used as bosses. So expect the same “not knowing” in June.

The event is Roster Mastery, and I believe the intention of not knowing your enemy and single usage regardless of loss is to encourage more players to develop more well-rounded Rainbow teams, which is really helpful when RNG takes a dump on you in the Raid Arena and Wars when you try to color stack, and your tiles are garbage because most tiles are the colors you don’t have for heroes in your offense.

Plus, with the horrible loot rewards and even worse odds drawing a decent hero in the summon, not finishing this event because you ran out of viable and competitive heroes isn’t totally earth-shattering.

Next month, I’m not going out of my way to finish this event unless there are changes in loot. If I have to use expensive Battle Items or Gem Continues to finish, I don’t think 40 Legends Coins to be applied towards a summon for your fifth Bane is really worth it.

I’m okay, though, with the structure of not knowing your enemy and single usage of heroes regardless of loss. It’s good to be challenged that way. The event needs better reasons to motivate people to participate (with better loot guaranteed like every other event) because lousy chances at an ex-HOTM with a few Legends Coins won’t motivate very many players.


Not everyone should be able to finish an event. If everyone could finish it would diminish the challenge of it. Some people will be so new to the game that they just won’t have the rosters. Some will not plan ahead and have the best team available to beat the final stages. That’s okay. I remember how happy I was when I first beat an epic stage in a monthly event. Then it still took a while to beat legendary. I know that some people don’t like waiting around and slowly building a team (this game is built off the same concepts as Dungeons and Dragons which is all about slowly building a player) and those people either quit or are Pay 2 Win. It’s fine if P2W is your jam. It’s cool if you want to quit because the free game is too hard. It’s perfectly fine to be unhappy if you have crap luck at summons when you can watch videos online of people pulling 3 5* in a ten draw. You can’t control the luck, but, if you stay in the game long enough, you will have a team that can beat the legendary stages of events. You can start getting all 18 emblems in the bi-weekly events, etc. If you’re really not having fun then don’t stress yourself with G A M E. After all, unless you’re dropping $ on pulls (entering the casino section) you’re just playing a free game.


In a battle we are only able to use each hero Once weather win or lose that battle and weather a hero is still alive or not.

So just let make 1 point clear here first ;
When I say lose a battle I know that all the heroes are dead when you lose but if you lose via deing timed-out then you will still have live heroes.

That said!
In my version those heroes that didn’t die can then be used on future ToL stages instead of the current method where you can reuse them at all weather they died in battle or not.

It’s simple to understand really,

  1. Hero dies, it’s eliminated from the event
  2. Heroes survives, gets to used again

If this event is only allowed 50 heroes in total then you need to make these 50 last for the 20 stages should they add the other 10 more difficult stages as I suggested.

The more heroes that die the less chances you get to complete every stage.
It’s a challenge within a challenge event designed to bring a new and different light to game.

The difference with this suggestion and the normal usual monthly events Rare, Epic and Legendary is there you can continuously reuse the same team on every stage.

My suggestion to the ToL bring a whole new challenge as you only get to use heroes that haven’t died in past stages.

Sure it’s not for every player but since your affecting the current first 10 stages that currently exist those players will still get there coins and find it fairly easy BUT for those players looking for something challengingly different then is suggestion brings that to them.

Totally agree.

A challenge is just that and shouldn’t be expected to be completed by everyone.

Not everyone comes fist play in a race, every game has winners and losers.

If you can’t accept losing then don’t play these types of games, go play solitaire instead, not that you probably win everytime there either but a least it is just yourself thus removing the opponents have an unfair advantage over you aspect of it.


They’ll blame the computer.

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Certainly won’t gain my interest in the next ToL, lesson learnt already. lol

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I am not saying that EVERYONE should finish it. What I am saying is that current setup is not as easy as most of you is saying.

Yeah. I finish event too, but I need a lot of time in order to plan carefully every attack, also because in my roster currently I have 7 maxed 5* total and I am a 1 year and a half (nearly two) player… and I am level 51 so surely not a low level player.

Not stating that things should be easy, but I am saying that this is NOT an easy event at all. Don’t take it as an offense but saying that the event is easy is simply not true. You can call easy the stage 1-1-1.
I understand that there are players that are soo advanced or have soo good roster that feel this quest easy. But currently it is a quest that has can be probably completed by no more than 20%-30% of player base I think… so why it is NOT easy.

And the final prize (completing 100% the event) will reward you only with 2 free summons + 10% of the money required for another summon.

As I said before it is fine that also advanced player wants even more though challenge because of their own rosters. So ideas like @Ozy1 one is surely a good point to start to think in a different approach. For example having having show another list of levels only visible after the first 10 ends could be right and those level could increase challenge even more for those very high player base.

But I can’t agree to make things the first 10 level harder than they actually are, as long they are alright completable only by a very small of percentage of player (comparing to the total active playerbase).

Personal NOTE: I never purposed to make things simplier, but to make things fair that it is quite different.

  • knowing officially enemies (as long as you can use hero once) is a matter of fairness so you can actually “plan carefully” your attacks
  • letting re-use heroes in lost battle will ensure you will not “lock” more than 50 heroes (that it is more or less the half of the total slots of an advanced player) and avoid disconnection issues. But not only. Think what if you start a battle and for whatever reason you had an unexpected thing to do that moment, losing your battle… Again I did not purpose it for making thing easier but more fair.
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I respectfully disagree. I don’t believe that knowing the character you face would “make it fair” so much as it would make it less of a challenge. I’m a level 53 player with basically the same number of ascended 5* as you and, because I planned well, I still had full teams of my best players that were never touched.

I content that if you use battle items and have a roster of 4* than levels 6-10 take time but are doable for lots of players. I think that if you want to know who the final match up is you can easily find someone who’s already posted the rosters for every level before you begin. Some might think that’s cheating but since you would like to know, it’s out there to be found. The other option is throw together a suicide squad whose only mission is to make it to the last round to see who the enemy lineup is and then bring the A-Team to clean up. It’s a pretty simple process and lets you use all variations of 1/1 heroes that you thought you’d never use or level as you plan.

If you, on the other hand, want to throw out your best 50 right away, more power to you. It’s just not the way I roll and I had a lot of fun planning my attacks vs. LeRoy Jenkinsing the entire event.

I would be upset if they changed the rules so that you could reuse heroes that failed the mission because it definitely makes the game too easy. If only 20% then so be it. I’m also not worried about the issues with the pulls because if you looked online basically everyone was saying “whatever you do, don’t use this event for pulls!” Myself included. Play for fun. If winning everything easily is your jam, I hear gardening is pretty relaxing and summer is around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere!

Have fun. Bottom line.

It sounds like I have roughly the same sized roster as you two @Phobos and @TottenhamFCUSYouTube.

I absolutely loved this event… until the final stage. Planned every stage very carefully with which heroes to send, breezed through them all despite my somewhat limited roster (had 1-2 spare teams if I ever failed, which I didn’t luckily), barely had to use any items. Felt like a solo war.

Entered the last stage with my absolute best heroes- thought it was going to be a shoe-in. Sadly lost somehow. And all that planning felt totally wasted that I couldn’t retry with the same heroes- I couldn’t even pay gems to retry (I accidentally fled out of frustration). Very frustrating and annoying. Darn unfinished quest staring me in the face and nothing I can do about it…

I’m not even proposing the idea of paying gems to reuse heroes (as I’m very CTP/FTP)… but I totally agree with the idea of reusing heroes if you lose. Or maybe a limited number of lives if you lose with them?

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End of the day only a quick Google search to see who the mobs/bosses are I did it found the graphic posted it on our alliance line chat so both alliances knew. Posted in my alliance chat if you wanna know the mobs/bosses for a level lettuce know I’ll get back to you. Simple it’s called communication within your alliance. There that thread of “is ignorance bliss” either you care or don’t. Sgg would maybe like more people to use the fourm or FB to find out information instead of handing it out on a sliver platter.
I do agree the summons is mental but that’s down to you if you use gems on it or buy the promotional offer.
Also do like the one one team deal makes you think you can use max troops any level take any items you want.


I did the same thing, found the list and posted in Line for everyone, got the list of heroes per stage before starting the quest.

I feel including for the monthly event these monsters/bosses should be listed at the beginning of each stage just like they do in the maps.
Not doing so I feel is nothing more than pure lazyness and a time saver factor to bring out event quicker/sooner, knowing someone like @zephyr1 and other will do that work for them for free. Good smart business thinking right, lol.
Zephyr1 should be paid for his involvement and countless hours he puts into all the info he provides us all with, SG must know that without all that this game would be nothing and players would lose interest really quick. His threads and involvement is nothing less than Gold to this game and deserves some sort of compensation from SG as that saves then 10’s of thousands of dollars in wages per month on it’s own.

I disagree, not knowing doesn’t make it a challenge at all… It’s more like taking a small knife to à machine gun fight challenge and hoping for the best.

Sorry not my idea of a challenge at all there.

Add event calendar too that too @novo :wink::+1:
Maybe they will it’s still trail n error on the first take. I totally get not everyone uses the forum or fb for info but information is out there if you care enough to find out.
(also having maybe having extra people knowing the fourm exist could be a down side too :wink:)

I have to agree that communication needs a bit of a boost from SG.
No idea why they didn’t list the monsters / bosses for each of the tavern levels.
And no idea why they can’t issue a monthly calendar.
The forum is used for guidance and advice etc. Some better input from SG would be useful / helpful.
Is this something that you could consider @Petri (please)

Just finished the tavern - great idea and game mechanic especially for new players. However IMO this really needs to be reworked for vets…putting rewards aside, it isn’t remotely enough of a challenge. Maybe have a different bracket ranging from 4000–>5000 TP?

I think a lot of how challenging it is depends on how deepbypur roster is. For newer players it’s probably gonna be pretty hard. For more veteran players that have a deeper roster it may not be as challenging


Maybe a how far can you go experience instead of a can you complete 10 levels experience would make more sense. one annoyingly long, endless wave after wave, when a hero dies you can replace it with another experience, where how long you lasts determines how many coins you get would be a more challenging implementation of this survival mode?

either way, this was pretty easy. I completed the first 5 stages with just 3* teams and only used 5* heroes for the last 2 stages, neither of which were as difficult as diamond raids.

But it was definitely fun, I enjoy using these 3* heroes more than my vanilla 5* heroes. So the more features where I can use them, the better.


Try this for size, lol.

Let us know what you think.

@Guvnor these two threads might be better off as one, what do you think?

Was going to leave them separate.

One is asking for more difficulty.

Other is asking for more clarity & make it easier.


Yeah sorry I didn’t notice you splitted those topics. Nice idea. However about my idea is not to make the event easier, but more fair (it is quite different concept not related to difficulty level).

However since the two things are separated, I am now focusing on the purposal of increasing difficulty.
I think that current difficulty is alright challenging for the vast part of player base. I am not only speaking about new players.

I am lev 51 player, I have a good amount of maxed 3*, decent number of maxed 4*, some heroes of various rarities at ascension 3 max, other heroes in the middle of training, and lev1 heroes 4*+. I am still not sure I will complete the event and I wanted to use two days to plan carefully my teams

A player in my same ally (lev 50) with low number of maxed 3* is reporting she FEARS to face the levels (even the lowest ones) since if she lose a single match she will probably wil be out for completing next level(s) and she is very anxious on starting every level

Another experienced HIGH LEVEL player I talk privately (his in-game name is Leone) reported he completed the event, but he had to use more than one hour to study teams using his 6 slots (he buyed an extra hero slot in past) in order to plan teams, moreover he underlined that:

  • if he lost a single battle he probably would be out on completing stages.
  • as long as a veteran player risks to be not able to complete event, probably a lev 30-40 player must find a way to understand what is the last scenario he/she could reasonably complete. Which is not an easy task at all.

So my personal opinion is that the event is quite challenging as it is, and for the most part of the playerbase it is not easy at all. :wink:

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