TAVERN OF LEGENDS: Improvements on ToL Gameplay from a Veteran PoV

Hey everyone, last week, the monday after the Ninja tower event, I posted a topic talking about my impressions on the event, I considered the event itself, not considering summons or chances on portals, my analysis was about the gameplay itself (In case anyone is interested here’s a link to the topic: NINJA TOWER: Musings from a Veteran Player). The topic led to a lengthy discussion were lots of suggestions popped up and we ended up talking a little about Tavern of Legends also so I decided to come here and post a suggestion I have about the Tavern.

I Really Like the Tavern of Legends, I Like the Mechanic of having to plan out your teams in advance due to the heroes not being reusable, the issue I have with it is just that I’d like to be able to play more. Now that’s once every 2 months, 10 levels every 2 months seems very little. I also undestand that simply adding extra stages would require players to have more battle ready heroes and that could also be an issue so, heres my suggestion.

Make it so that the Tavern comes with 10 stages initially and each subsequent day 5 new stages appear at the same time that some of your already used heroes are randomly made available again (I initially toght about 15 heroes a day, but this number could be tweaked).
The New levels that appear on the subsequent could have the same dificulty level as the even stages on day one.

That way if you play all 10 stages on day one you’ll still have something to do on days 2, 3 and 4. It wont be just an event appearing in your quest’s page that has no use.

Using the numbers I suggested you’d need 50 heroes to complete day one, you’d be able to reuse 15 each subsequent day so while each day requires an extra 25 (which totals to 125 heroes) you only have the total addition requirement of 10 heroes per day (80 for the entire event as opposed to the actual 50).

In this Scenario a Veteran player, with more heroes, should be able to complete everything each day and should also be able to either play 5 each day or let it acummulate and play everything on the last day. Meanwhile newer players would be able to complete stages 1-3 on days 2, 3 and 4, allowing them to enjoy the content and get some extra coins (or use their refreshed heroes to complete the stages from day one that they didn’t initially beat). Everyone is Happy.

What do you guys think?

Best Regards
Jairo Aragão
“Jabarj” from “Oceano Pacífico”

I think there are definite aspects of this that would work well perhaps a few tweaks needed, but overall sounds good.

My thoughts would be instead of bringing back heroes at random, instead bringing back random 15 of the last 25 heroes used ( the thought of getting back unmaxed 3 stars used on like 1st 2 levels for players who have small rosters would be insane)

Also keep the previous levels all playable if you haven’t got round to it for some reason and add new levels.


I think you have a lot of spare time…

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That’s the idea of the topic!

Could be a nice addition, sure, unmaxed 3* didn’t come to mind, but even if they were returned, the way I suggested the difficulty level of the stages on days 2, 3 and 4 would be on par to stages 2,4,6,8 and 10 from day one, so even this 3* coul be used…

Yeap, that’s in the original idea, notice that I mentioned that someone that couldn’t complete the first 10 from day one could use heroes that were refreshed to go there and try to finish.

Not really no, but the fact that this is a mobile game and I can do the stages anywhere is pretty handy. I just find it lame that, after finishing the first ten stages on day one we have no additional content from the Tavern even though it stays there for 4 days.

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There could be room for improvement, as do get there is alot of time to complete this and is done with in one or two days with any competitive player, sure there is others who rather take their time to clear it. 4 days is alot hence for this idea.

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I don’t see why we can’t have 4 days Rises and 4 days ToL…

It is totally possible to have both the shorting of AR was done before valla come out and realistically could be changed back, wishful thinking.
But as you pointed out the tol is done to quick for alot of players, and just stays there I’m open for changing it up a bit.

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I hear ya! Would love to have 4 days Rises again…

Exactly my point, it stays there for four days doing nothing… Would be nice to be able to play on it a little more each day…

i’d love this. :heart_eyes:Need more coffee to ponder over technicalities, though. Back later. :grin:

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Don’t add any difficulties to the game that will become feels like chore (like ninja tower), unless there is rewarding prize for completion such as guarantee free 1 hotm after completing final additional stage.


By all means, grab your coffee and come share your thoughts and ideas… I’d love to see what others think about it…

It’s not additional difficulty, it’s additional stages, same difficulty, similar rewards (I was thinking 200 coins each day).

If you consider those (or the ninja tower) a shore you have to rethink the way you manage things, no-one is obligating you to play those, you can still keep up with your regular “obligations” (chests, titans and wars) if you ignore quests and events altogether. Those that are willing to do it will have some extra rewards for their effort, but you can go on without doing it.

“A guaranteed HoTM every other month” is never gonna happen and it should never ever happen. People want to have lots of things in the game, and complain that things are hard to obtain, but the concept that most don’t grip is that THEY HAVE TO BE. If everything you wanted came effortlessly (or with little effort) you’d loose interest in the game really fast.

Is the end goal important? Yes, it is, but it’s the journey there that is the most important thing. Not just for empires, for everything in your life.

I just feel guilty if i don’t finish important quest. Just part of OCD i think :roll_eyes:

So if SG made important quest that take too much real life time, it starting become a chore and people will finally burn out.

As long as there are prolonged time and not make people rush to complete it, its okay

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I like the idea of extending the ToL to include more levels, particularly as it has been pushed to once every two months and is so much shorter than the ninja tower event.
What I do not like is the idea of having some heroes become available again. For me part of the appeal of the tavern is the fact that you get just one shot with each hero. A random selection back would also cause distortions depending on whether you got your top heroes back or not.
I think for some players, even as many as 20 or 25 levels would still be achievable and it would not become another event which becomes easily completable after a reasonably limited amount of time playing the game.
For those that will grumble that it means it is not possible to complete for newer players then I would say so what? Why is it a problem if you can only do a few tiers? There is plenty of time to build up and be able to progress further, particularly as you are competing against a set difficulty and not chasing other players in the way that challenge events do.

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The idea was for it to still last 4 days and have the levels been added day by day…

People can space it out…
People can hoard everything on the last day…

Personal preference commands here

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I 100% agree!
If someone is jot able to complete it the first time around they can come back again next time it’s available and progress further. Progressing is basic in any game!

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