Tavern of Legends heroes buffs

First of all, if you agree on the topic idea or some of the suggested buffs, kindly add your vote above :slight_smile:. Your feedback is appreciated!

Here goes:
Most of not all tavern of legends need buffs from small to large (myztero included). I think it is appropriate to have one topic for all of them and i hope everyone would share their suggestions too.

Below is a list by release with buff suggestions keeping the hero identity intact:

Note: All heroes before Onatel should have 1 basic passive.
Note 2: Costume bonuses needs to be updated to match S1 bonuses (5%, 5%, 10%, 5%)

2017 HoTM

Hel: 320% damage to target AND nearby instead of 315% and minor damage to nearby. (Passive: Resist blind)

Athena: 305% damage to target AND nearby (her costume too) (Passive: Resist defense aliments)

Ares: All his buffs applied to all allies for 4 turns. (Passive: Resist dispel)

Musashi: All allies heal 70% of all normal damage they apply for 4 turns. (Passive: Resist Healing aliments)

Alberich: increase his revive chance to 35% and all his buffs are undispellable. His costume can have 42% revive chance and instead of 38% mana generation, he gives all allies 15% mana. (Passive: Resist mana aliments)

Thoth-Amun: deals 235% damage to ALL enemies
and minions summoned to ALL allies with 20% health and attack. (Passive: Resist negative minion effects)

Perseus: 300% damage to target AND nearby. -75% decrease to healing to the target and nearby for 3 turns. all allies get 80% defense against nature for 3 turns. (Passive: Resist attack aliments)

2018 HoTM

Natalya: Burn and mana generation reduction are applied to target AND nearby. Burn is reset when the target is healed. (Passive: Resist mana reduction)

Zeline: Damage increased to 190%. (Passive: Resist burn)

Delilah: 35% healing, 15% Minion health and all allies get +35% defense for 4 turns. (Passive: Resist special skill blocking)

Aeron: Healing increased to 812 over 4 turns, cleansing and aliment protection for all allies for 4 turns. (Passive: Resist mana generation reduction)

Alasie: deals 500% damage to target and -34% mana generation reduction instead of -24% and for 4 turns instead of 3. Costume doesn’t need any buffs (Passive: Resist water damage)

Gravemaker: Add 1 more turn of burn for him and his costume. (Passive: Resist burn)

Gregorion: 480% damage to target, critical chance increased to 40% and number of turns to 4. (Passive: Resist defense aliments)

Drake Fong: 285% damage to target and nearby. 270% damage to target and nearby to his costume. (Passive: Resist blind)

Khiona: damage increased to 465% and attack boost applied to all allies for 4 turns. (Passive: Resist attack aliments)

Aegir: All his buffs be for 4 turns instead of 3 and increase defense buff to 63%. Shared damage buff is undispellable. (Passive: Resist dispel)

Zimkitha: Damage increased to 200% and attack boost to 30%. (Passive: Resist mana generation reduction)

Evelyn: Increase damage to 250% to target and nearby. (Passive: Resist blind)

2019 HoTM

Onatel: Target and nearby enemies get -35% accuracy for 4 turns.

Kunchen: Cleanse all aliments first, Healing increased to 45%, all enemies get -44% defense.

Frida: Damage increased to 320% OR Elemental defense down increased to -58%

Anzogh: Damage increased to 250% and heals each ally with 30% of damage dealt.

Margaret: damage increase to 210%

Ranvir: Damage changed to 270% to target AND nearby, attack boost increase to 210% and accuracy reduction penalty to -30%

Seshat: Damage increased to 440% and costume to 420%

Miki: Maximum attack cap increased to 190%

Grazul: Healing increased to 25% and aliment protection lasts 3 turns instead of 2.

Kingston: Damage increased to 475%

Neith: Damage increased to 230%.

Grimble : All allies get 50 HP for every destroyed minion.

2020 HoTM

Vela: Damage increase to 190% and add 1 more turn of water damage and attack reduction.

Jean-Francois: Add 2 more turns of burn

Telluria: Remove her damage to all enemies. Increase her healing to 603 for 3 turns, minion hp up to 18% and mana generation reduction -24% for 3 turns.

Malosi: Damage increased to 320% and deals extra damage against dark.

Clarissa: Add 1 more turn of poison.

Raffaele: All allies get +74 defense against special skills for 4 turns.

Noor: Destroys all fiends from all allies. Minions grant their owner protection against fiends.

Zocc: Dispels target the nearby, increase the damage to 270% to target AND nearby and mindless attack duration is 4 turns instead of 3 but is only applied to the target. Deals extra damage against Ice

Bai Yeong: Increase damage to 360% and do minor damage to nearby. Blind and heal reduction applied to target only. Or target and nearby but be reduced to -50%

Zulag: Buffs applied to all allies for 4 turns instead of caster and nearby. Increase elemental link minion HP to at least 15%

Glenda: Special skill damage increase buff to 55% instead of 40%. Increase elemental link minion HP to at least 15%

Reuben: Damage increase to 290% and aliment damage reduction increased to -70%. Deals extra damage against Nature. Increase elemental link minion HP to at least 10%

2021 HoTM

Bertila: lifting aliments before doing damage and increase damage to 310%. Increase elemental link minion HP to at least 20%

Uraeus: Deals minor damage to nearby. Increase elemental link minion HP to at least 15%

Malicna: Damage increased to 275% and alternatives 2 and 3 aliments increased to -25%

Frosth: minions health increased to 20%

Yang Mai: Damage increased to 300% and consecutive hits chance increased to 65% and each stack gives 10% attack instead of 5%.

Elradir: damage increased to 280% and deflect lasts for 4 turns instead of 3. Deals extra damage against Ice.

Devana: Damage increased to 265%

Chakkoszrot: Damage increased to 290%

Alexandrine: All allies get 16% critical chance for 4 turns and it increases by 3% for every blue tile up to 40% critical chance.

Myztero: Dispel buffs from all enemies first, apply memorized aliments then do damage. His passive needs to be updated to memorize any status aliments applied on his allies. Damage increased to 150%. Also he can be counted as family member of all other tavern heroes.
Not necessarily all the above but at least 2 or 3.

He is a very rare bonus pull, he needs to be good and useful with all tavern heroes.

This topic will be updated depending on the suggestions in the replies and with more heroes coming to the tavern.

That seems like a lot of effort… I’d like to see it… But I’m sure it would be paywalled…

not necessarily all will be taken, but most of them are number buffs to be more relevant with the power creep because their stats are low.

those buffs will make tavern of legends more appealing to pull from. and useless heroes be leveled

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Wow, lots of suggestions here, but I like having them condensed. Here are my thoughts.

As with S2 costumes, I would like to see HOTM costumes get the full costume bonus of 5/5/10/5%. I will be keeping that in mind when making suggestions since I expect a costume for them somewhat soon.

2017 HOTM

  • Hel is already very strong as is with the 2017 HOTM family bonus giving her an easy 9-Tile Charge. Blind resistance is a minor buff that I can get behind. I like the consistent damage across all 3 targets but would tone it down to 300% since her mana control is so strong.

  • The proposed damage increase and passive for normal Athena seem fine. cAthena I would prefer to keep at 295% (though eliminating minir damage is fine). However, I would like to see cAthena get a -54% Elemental Defense Drop since it is conditional on the enemy being red.

  • Your proposed Ares buff seems spot-on.

  • For Musashi, I think that much healing is excessive as it could completely eliminate the need for a healer with many hard hitting teams. I would prefer giving him something like 360% damage to target and minor damage to nearby and replace his healing buff with a direct heal of 30% of dealt damage to all allies Ă  la Anzogh.

  • No changes to your proposed Alberich buffs.

  • 245% AoE at Fast is excessive for Toth-Amun I think. Tone this down to his current 215% with those sturdy minions to all and I think he should be fine.

  • While I would like to see that buff to Perseus, I think it is also excessive. Damage I would change to 400% to target with minor damage to nearby. Heal reduction I would tone down to -50%. His elemental defense buff would be toned down to +54% against green to caster and nearby.

2018 HOTM

  • Natalya’s ailments are dangerous because they are uncleansable. A fast hero with an uncleansable -54% mana generation ailment to 3 is too dangerous. Keep the mana generation ailment to just the target and I think this would be fine. Passive is fine.

  • No changes to the proposed Zeline buff.

  • Delilah seems mostly fine. The defense buff plays too much like Vivica, but I like the general idea. I would prefer it to be a +74% defense against specisl skills while her minions are up (like Hulda).

  • The Aeron buff seems spot-on.

  • The Alasie buff is also spot-on.

  • The Gravemaker buff is spot-on too.

  • No change to the Gregorion buff either.

  • Drake Fong’s buffs seem fine for both forms.

  • Khiona I would tone down to 450% but like the expanded range on her buff.

  • Aegir looks great. Though if making his spirit link undispellable, he needs a different passive. I would favor a resistance to defense drops.

  • Zimkitha looks good too.

  • Evelyn seems fine.

I’ll make a separate post for the next few years when I have more time.


2019 HOTM

  • I don’t really like either proposed buff to Onatel. Her role is more oriented towards mana control so I would prefer to give her a 20% mana cut to target and nearby.

  • I like your proposed buff to Kunchen but would also put his cleanse before the defense drop and healing.

  • For Frida I would prefer to keep her damage the same but put the dispel first and bump up her EDD to -61% to match cPanther’s.

  • For Anzogh, I think the heal can be pushed up to 30% rather than 25%. The rest seems fine.

  • I like your proposed Margaret buff.

  • For Ranvir, I think the better accuracy and stronger attack boost are great. I would probably drop the damage to 230% if it’s to target and nearby.

  • The changes to Seshat seem fair.

  • The boost to Miki is minor but perfect to let him take full advantage of Tethys’ +60% attack to blue.

  • Grazul was completely overshadowed by Garnet so this change seems fair.

  • I like the proposed buff to Kingston.

  • Neith I think needs sonething mire than a damage boost however. I’d favor bumping up her blind to 40% and mana cut to 20%. Maybe a smaller danage boost to 170%.

  • As long as the 50 HP is normal healing and not boosted HP, I can get behind the Grimble buff.


thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:

some numbers may look high but i keep in mind that their stats are low compared to what we have today.

for example, hel doing 320% is equivalent to S5 doing around 275% without even considering the extra 70% they do with their passives.

Khepri’s damage isn’t considered excessive and his recent buff was very good.

2020 HOTM

  • Vela: Honestly, with all the changes since 2020, I think bringing back Vela 1.0 would be better. And would send a stronger message that SG is willing to reevaluate old nerfs if they are no longer needed.

  • Jean-François: I’m assuming the burn is still the same damage per turn, just longer. Seems fair and shouldn’t be a problem now.

  • Telluria: Same as Vela. I think bringing back Telluria 1.0 would not greatly damage the metagame at this point.

  • Malosi: Not sure about this one. I feel like the best change for him would be to simply expand his status/stack block to target and nearby with no other changes. Damage boost to 320% seems fine.

  • Clarissa: Yes, add one turn of poison, but also bring her poison damage per turn to the same 149 per turn as Gravemaker. Her low poison damage is what really made her largely irrelevant.

  • Raffaele: I like it. It should pair very nicely with his elemental link.

  • Noor: I feel like this one is all over the place. I would instead opt for increasing minion stats to 35/35% and focus either on ailments or fiends. i.e Make her remove and keep fiends off as long as her minions are active, or make her cleanse and keep ailments off as long as minions are active. Since red already has so many ailment blockers (Garnet, Vanda, Grazul, Emilio), I favor the fiend version.

  • Zocc: No. Boosting his damage is entirely the wrong approach with Zocc as that makes his mana control less valuable. Sure, keep the 4 turns of mindless attack, but instead of boosting his damage in general and against Ice, make him better at what he does by giving him 2 things: a priority dispel like Phileas Fogg to nullify ailment shields or Poseidon’s mana shield, and a talent block like Lewena to nullify monks and clerics.Both to one target. This gives Zocc extra utility and the ability to shut down any hero.

  • Bai Yeong: I would boost him to 350% damage but make his ailments hit target and nearby enemies. This would make him truly valuable as the high blind could protect you from several dangerous enemies.

  • Zulag: I like it.

  • Glenda: I like the boost, but would also move her cleanse up to the top so she cleanses before attacking.

  • Reuben: That’s a massive damage increase, but I think it’s fair. since his DoT resistance is a lacklustre skill in most cases.

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If ever this were to be implemented, it’s gonna be hidden behind the biggest paywall in the game, namely the tavern of legends.

@2puttshaqur @Nomad2021

We got buffs before like this but it was very long time ago

This time SG created this subcategory for balance purposes. There is hope :slight_smile:, don’t let negativity get to you.

If you like the idea or some of them, please vote on this topic

@IgH thank you for your feedback :heart_eyes: i will edit some of them in the original topic if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

i do too, but there will be a risk of her overperforming again and they’ll never look back. i like her, the extra water damage against fire can be too much with emblems and limit break.

As for telluria, she was all-over doing many things, My suggestion to have her more focused on disruption and support.
I would suggest the slowly get reverted back at least.

it is still on 3 targets and he will be much better but won’t compete with similar heroes (Faline, quenell, ruby x2… etc)

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made a few updates on the suggestions

yes for , telluria , vela

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hopefully this will get more votes

buffing multiple heroes in one topic will be a big deal balancing the big power creep gap