Tavern of Legends Disconnected & Lost heroes + World Energy

I started ToL twice and both times after picking a team the game took my WE and then kicked my out and had to reload the game it also locked 8 hero’s like the played and I never made it to the tile screen.


Obviously not staff but TYPICALLY disconnection issues are either caused by:

  1. server overload
  2. client side issue

As I’m not staff I can’t comment on #1 but for #2 some possible fixes are:

A) make sure you have a stable internet connection

B) switch from mobile/ cell data to wifi (or vice versa)

C) restart your device, leaving if “off” for a couple minutes

D) close all the background apps & reduce the workload on your device

E) clear the game data cache (NOTE: Only do this if your game progress is linked / saved to your Apple or Google Play account!!!)

If you believe that the issue is DEFINITELY not client side, the only & best thing you can do is to #contact-support. For instructions how to do that, simply click that hashtag.


same thing happened to me.

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Happend to me as well. In the middle of a battle and the E&P app restarts. But now have lost my heros and still have to beat the level I was in when it reset. I am confident it was not a client side issue.

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just came here to ask ( I read the posts) . at B, what is the difference between mobile data and cell data ?

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Oopsz one was supposed to say “wifi”. Thanks :slight_smile:


I lost 6 World Energy Points while in the middle of a battle (Season III, Province 2). It said there was a proxy error and closed the game. Very frustrated that I lost these energy points.

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