Tavern of Legends: Detailed preview of all opponents + Not "use" Heroes if you Lose

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Having the limit of using every hero once means you need to plan carefully your teams. This is what also the event say… but how do you assume you can plan carefully if the game does not give any information about enemies?

It is like trying to do war attacks without knowing which hero your opponent is having before starting a battle.

You can say: well: players could share informations… Yes but I think it is a work-around not a solution. The game itself should pubblicly let players to have a preview of all the enemies they will found in every level (also locked ones) in order to be able to properly plan teams.


Another thing: heroes used during lost battles should not be counted as used.
As someone stated elsewhere you could lose, for every reason, the connection and you could unfairly lose 5 heroes without actually doing the try until the end.

I understand why devs decided to do this choice… but it is a little unfair for various reasons (including possible connection issues, but it is not the only reason).

To devs: In order to implement “used only if battle ended with a win” you could introduce an hidden property “pending” that could be added with the property “used” (or whatever flag name or bit value you are internally use) so at the end of the battle the game will seek if “pending” is successfull or not (win / lose / no-response).

  • on pre-load battle selection screen (when player entering in the screen for choosing heroes to use) remove all pending status from pending heroes if any (this will happen when previous battle ended with no-response -> disconnection)
  • on pre-load battle: (“battle start”) apply pending status to heroes used
  • on battle result: check pending heroes. if(win): heroes flagged as used. If(lose) heroes removed from pending list

To mods: Please don’t merge this topic to other similar ones. For one reason: Visibility. Not having a in-game detail of enemies that player will encounter in this event is a VERY HUGE issue that can be compared to be a bug. Planning assumes public and accessible details that currently are not directly available in-game.

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