Tavern of Legends crashed on me.... twice

Has anyone else had issues with Tavern of Legends today? The game froze on level nine. Forcing me to leave, but losing those heroes. Like most of you I suspect, I just count down my top 50 and take them in. The fact that you have to start at the bottom doesn’t leave other options. Anyway, I have three stars and unleveled fives stars left after beating level nine. I go in with top tier battle items and five solid 3*'s, all heroes die… gems for the revive, die, gems for revive, repeat a couple of times. I am down to Sheshat, who has low health and no minions. I have got it this time! Game freezes, crashes and forces me out.
Interestingly enough it coincided with an in game message that the titan escaped. I would really like them to resolve these issues, so anyone have anything on timing if this happened to you?
Sucks to lose out on those gems for crap rewards, I really just need the 40 tokens for a pull and started playing on tilt after being so close. This game already feels like all it has become is a money grab. Feel free to vent with me here.

I have not. I have played through the first 6 stages without issue.

I have you tried to update the game, via the play/app store? Have you tried uninstalling and installing it again?

I have the latest version. I am a very active player, daily. This has only happened twice to me. First Ninja Tower and now this particular Tavern.

Have you tried on another device to eliminate that it isn’t just your phone?

I have never had the need to play on another device. I have been playing since I visited SG headquarters in Finland two years ago. The game has crashed on me maybe 5 times. Two of them just happen to be today. What makes you believe it would be my device versus a change/bug/issue on their end? FYI, I am the COO of a technology company, this is not foreign stuff to me.

Nobody said you had a need, it’s called finding a common denominator. No one is insulting your knowledge or possessions, you’re asking questions and someone is taking their time to assist you. I will cease to respond after this as it seems my ideas and suggestions are truly not being taken into consideration. Please do not post asking for help or suggestions if you truly do not want to hear what others may have to politely offer. Take care and I hope you find out the issue.

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“Have you tried turning your phone off and then on again to see if it resolves your issue?”
Good luck getting past level 7 in the tavern.

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