Tavern of Legends Bug - Timed out and Heroes marked already used

I lost a summon because I lost a good team to a timeout.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Start a Tavern quest
  2. Select heroes
  3. When match starts, let it time out
  4. Restart the same level match, all previously selected heroes will be marked used.

Its not bug, its similar sitution to when your heroes die and you didn’t beat level they also will be used


Yep, this is working as intended. Heroes are considered used the moment you start the fight, not when you end it.

The reason is because you could otherwise cheese a restart by disconnecting the moment you get some bad boards or otherwise feel things are going south.

Why not let people restart? I always thought if you failed you could retry with the same heroes, didn’t know it wiped them out.

In my case, I had to go help my kids with a zoom meeting. Seems bad to punish people in a mobile game if they lose connection, get pulled away, have to take a call, etc.

To provide a challenge. If you could reroll boards endlessly, it would be a grind instead of a challenge.

You can reuse heros with the other events. Tavern of Legends only let’s you use each hero once.

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