Tavern of Legends - Boss Mana Speeds

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth but it’s a little weird that the Tavern of Legends boss mana speeds are all the same and in no way reflective of the heroes normal performance…

Example being Gravemaker in Stage 2

I tossed like 25 tiles at him and his mana NEVER built to max…

Just weird.


I noticed the same thing in costume event. They were almost as slow as season 1 boss.
I won without any boss firing

I hope it’s a feature, not a bug.


I also found the bosses mana speed weird.
I mean I like expecting these great big hits from the stage 5 and 6 bosses and yet it’s like WTF am I dreaming here or are these bosses weaker than normal.

I was under the assumption this quest was suppose to be a bit more difficult and designed in most part for veteran players…

Even my wife is doing these with 2* heroes and stages 5 and 6 with 3* heroes, she’s not complaining, lol.

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It’s a Tavern fight, they’re clearly all drunk. Anyone’s mana would be very slow in the same situation :beers:


If GM boss was as fast as normal heroe, this event will be imposible to many of us. I think is fine like it is :slightly_smiling_face:


Exactly what @djmindcrasher said… Especially when Alby joins in the next iteration.

I hope it remains a feature. Please SGG


Observed same on my Alt account at stage 2, just a while ago and was wondering…if any of my eneblem 3*s can cause mana slow…

While I get why many folks appreciate this feature (or bug)… it was a little disappointing to me… I tried to build teams that would be able to counter the enemies’ specials… and there just weren’t any… you just needed teams that could withstand the long battle due to high xp.

I’m sure I’m in the minority… and I’m glad players at different points of the game were able to complete it… just for me, having enemies that don’t really fight back was kinda boring.


Just helped a friend in last stage with
maxed boldtusk and gormek
Unleveled elena
half leveled sumle
Unleveled kelile
2500 teampower

Scrolls that build red tiles, axes, bombs, dragonstorm.
I normally dont shout to maxe things harder but… like guvnor said. Its weird. :slight_smile:

(My main account has all 5 star heroes left… )

100% agree. I haven’t yet tried the last two stages (other WE demands yesterday), but the first 8 have been downright easy. And that’s not because I have some amazing roster - I used unemblemed three stars for the first SIX stages and was never in any danger.

I now wish I had counted, but I doubt the first 8 bosses have fired many specials against me. So it’s really been about enduring slash attacks. The bosses are basically just more trash mobs that hit harder and have way way more hit points.


Can you explain how to win 6th stage with 3*? Which heroes we should use?

I can elaborate, but I think this will say a lot:

With the bosses mana being so slow it was easy to re-charge my Pixies in time and shut them down - I don’t recall any boss firing on this stage, so actually Shrubbear wasn’t needed here.

Also, with the ability to charge up mana in advance of the boss stage it was trivially easy to build up a minion shield from Kvasir. That’s a TON of extra hit points.

One general point I’d make about this team is that while they’re three star heroes, the effects of mana control and minion production are extremely powerful and more common to higher star level heroes. It may more appropriate to think of this as a three star team with four star effects.


I have only one Pixie) Need to try it, and after I will finish Sif, I will level Kvasir and Pixie too.


Bosses should represent exact performance has In attack raids. Even as they’re in defense positions. If they represent the percentage as in defense raids they shouldn’t be 6k life each. Otherwise they are slow and give nothing to this event

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Yeah, make the bosses equivalent to fully emblemed and level 30 mana troop.

Why are we discussing the bosses? We should be talking about the utility of compleating this all new event. What does one gain from compleating it? 200 lousy coins? Enough for two pulls with a 75% classic 3* chance?!.. waw! Amazing! It’s like using ETH on regular summons. It doesn’t even have a AM chest attached to it… Most of the fights are easily manageble with 4* heroes. But even if the bosses were insanely strong and defeating them was next to impossible with the non reusable heroes thing and all, that still wouldn’t be a problem, cause you gain nothing out of compleating the event fights.

Yeah, it’s all good until I had Mitsuko or Merlin fired up and couldn’t even get them to fill.

Because the topic is about the mana speed of those bosses, which several posters clearly did find odd (myself included). This thread is appropriately titled and in the correct forum. Your comments are probably better suited to the event Discussion thread.


I went to the last level with Mist and Proteus .
I agree that bosses took too long to charge plus mist delay and proteus mana block they never fired not even once

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