Tavern Of Hippies! Looking for... well ... hippies i guess

Hello everyone this is Q reporting from Tavern of Hippies,

We are not that much of an old alliance most of the group have been together for more than 6 months.

If you are looking for an active but easygoing place to hang your hat this is the place.

All players speak english and we have people from europe, u.s.a. asia etc.
We do not have many requirements, if you are an active player we’ll welcome you but if you don’t have a team power above 3000 you won’t have much fun in wars and titans.
since this is a forum ad and if you are reading this forum regularly you won’t have many questions but we can answer almost all your questions about the game (by reading this forum :grinning:)

We kill 8* titans regularly and everyone uses all attacks in war.

We are understanding about life issues so we warn people and don’t give them crap about missing attacks etc.

We don’t use strategy in wars everyone does their own thing and has fun. we win by everyone participating most of the time. we try to coordinate if there is an oppurtunity for a reset but we don’t put restrictions on players such as “attack this guy, at this time with this team etc.”

Our players are active everyday and we have fun in line chat and alli chat. You don’t need to use line or opt in war if you don’t want to.

One of co-leaders one time described us as a loving caring family who decimate anything they see and made us look like a bunch of hippies carrying battleaxes so the name kind of stuck as an inside joke.
Well that’s all i guess.
Also we may or may not give you candy (just leaving this here).

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we are still looking for more members and the candy is improved

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