Taunt should prevent the allies taking damage, regardless the other buffs

@Petri @KiraSG @mhalttu this is not normal, regardless the devs said. Taunt is taunt, no matter what. And as long is not dispelled should prevent the allies taking damage. If I have Shrubbear’s taunt and Kailani’s buff, actually taunt is not working at all. Please ask your dear developers what is the point of an active taunt if doesn’t work. I know 2 weeks ago you guys said the same thing about BK, that works as intended… So, intended means taunt not to work? What is the point then? Please fix this stupidity as soon as possible. There is no logic in this…

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The small damage of taunt should be spread over all allies by the spirit link.

Does it work like that?

I have situations with BK and Wilbur and that sound like a bug to me. BK skill is active as well as wilbur’s damage sharing.

BK gets attacked, proc his special and get onyl 1 damage (just a flesh wound) but other party member get a shared tile of the normal damages.

Should sharing affect taunt or not, i don’t know, but in this case it should be 1 damage.

I know of this issue and they say works as intended. But like I said, taunt is taunt. The damage shouldn’t be shared at all.

Think there is the same thing was raised as a bug initially here:

Then became a request here:


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