Taunt heroes and dispellers

Hello again, thought I would expand the discussion. Please forgive me for some of my attitude. In 5* tournament etc. who are the best dispellers against some of the more ravenous buffed teams, I got obliterated like 4 times, but still finished top 5%. Am maxing out Onyx at present, are their others?

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Relative “easy” to get (4* options):

  • Melendor (costume) just because he is so great and I’m still missing him.
  • Sabina (costume) the costume is extremely great for this kind of tournament, she doesn’t only dispel but also block new buffs. Even better than most 5* options.
  • Ametrine (4* Ninja) first charge with 5 stones, so fastest dispel. Dispells before she hits, so for example at charge 3 she dispels the taunt hero and hits all after that.
  • Xiahou Dun ( 4* W3K) dispels with minions, so ignores all buffs like dodge and taunt.

All of those work great in 5* tournaments with some emblems.

There are of course a lot more, and even more 5* heroes but those are especially well suited against buff heavy teams.

With onyx, you have a 5* hero similar to Sabina, although Sabina is faster against all, but onyx works extremely well against taunters when he is charged with 5 stones.


Lepiota, El Naddaha, the Hatter are also very good dispellers/buff blockers against heavy buffed teams. But they are difficult to get, of course.


What about 4and3* dispellers, they can be good if limit broke and shielded in wing maybe?

Oops, just read above thread, lol

I have ametrine, gonna take a more serious look at her.

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Ametrine and Costume Sabina are probably two of the best, cheap solutions. but in 5* tournaments your best friends are the boards since if your enemy fires their skills once or twice it’s all probably over.


Very huge fan of xiahou dun and wanted to comment on him but @ferg has beaten me to it. His buff management is foolproof once he manages to set the minions up.
If you are chasing the 5* version, you can get cao cao who basically does the same thing but is the slow 5* version with sturdier minions, he should be available for may’s wo3k
You can also look into investing on guardian chameleon if possible. He’s the only hero as of now that can remove undispellable buffs, it’s even more important now against wolves’ undispellable buff and also the upcoming gargoyle’s undispellable stoneskin buffs.

Here are two useful charts.

Credit to @VeryQuietly

Those are updated. Waiting for @VeryQuietly to decide if S5 heroes with passive dispel skills are eligible for the “dispel” chart : the passive % <100%.


I think XiaHou dun, diao chan and I assume that 5* guy is cao cao should be placed to one target catergory as their dispel is only to 1 target, they only produce their minions depending on their rarity.
Also I thought C G Kong has no dispel?

C G Kong has dispel. Last special. The only red 5* dispeller presently.

Xiahou Dun produces minions 3x. Each minion hits 1 target.

Oh didn’t notice this, no wonder he got usage lately.
Yeah, XDH produces 3 minions, but each minion does 1 dispel. So it’s the 1 target category

:rofl::joy: I knew your reply would be along those lines.

Let’s see whether he is reclassified.

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