Tatics for Raids

Hello friends, I wonder if there is any tactic for raids, I attack the healers or attackers first? Is there a statistic?

You should attack the tank (center hero) first. When you’re deciding on an opponent, be sure to choose one that has a favourable tank, i.e. one that you think you can handle.

Once you’ve taken out the center hero, you can ‘ghost’ tiles through the open middle position, which has the effect of charging your mana faster. Use a combination of specials and tiles to take down the remaining 4 heroes.

Other tips:

Try doubling up on a certain colour of hero to take out the enemy tanks faster. Fighting a Gormek in the center position? Try bringing 2x blue heroes, which is the colour Gormek is weak against. A rainbow team (i.e. 1 hero of every colour) is not always your best suit.

Not all heroes are made for raiding, in that some specials are far better than others. Some truly invaluable specials include:

  • heroes with mana control abilities (e.g. Azar, Gan Ju, Li Xiu, Lil’ John, Hansel & Gretel)
  • heroes with the dispel ability, to remove enemy buffs (e.g. Belith, Tyrum, Sabina, Melendor, Sonya, Caedmon)
  • heroes with defense debuff abilities (e.g. Valen, Ulmer, Tiburtus, Gormek, Grimm) - this will make your tiles hit that much harder
  • healers, because it’s always good to have 1 on hand :slight_smile:

Happy raiding!