Tarlak's attack increase

Does Tarlak’s attack increase affect tile damage as well?
Wu Kong’s attack increase works best for tiles but hero specials may miss.
If Tarlak’s attack increase affects tiles like Wu’s, then it’s a win all the way through.

Tarlak only affects tiles, not specials.


Tarlak only affects tiles, but the hit rate is 100%. I’ll normally bring either a hurricane or tornadoes to get him (and others) mana’d up quick - but I’ll judge it based on the board and whether his skill will be beneficial right off the bat. If I need to turn/work the board, to me, it isn’t worth wasting the mats on mana.

Only tiles, that’s a surprise, because the heroes have a strongarm icon after he goes off

Yes and strongarm only applies to normal attack. Wu has dice as icon.

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Ah! I get it - Tarlak’s attack affects normal attack ( hence tile damage) whereas Wu affects ‘normal+special skills’.
Is this correct?

That is correct.

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