Tarlak, Zeline it Alby

All at 3/70… who do I ascend?
I already have a fully lvlled Alby but 2 in a raid defence could be nasty!
Zeline in a raid defence is amazing
Tarlak is more for Titan hits…
Is it a case of which ever one I want to focus on more or is there a stand out choice?

I’d go with Zeline first for Deff & Attack
She works with ice titans too and rare cause she debuff the buffs of enemies.
But if you are looking for good solid in just attack get Alby you will use of his buffs.


Zeline is the best dispeller, Tarlack the best ATK buffer. The question is… what do you like/need to do better?

Hey Bully how’s it going, hope you guys are doing well. I would say Zeline over Tarlak and 2nd Alby especially if you’re facing 10* titans or less. 3/70 Tarlak can handle those level titans easily.

I’d hold off until december hotm. 1st green defense dropper. will be a pretty impactful hero since there is not a single green hero in the game that debuffs defense

You’re on something lol

A 3-70 tarlak has around 500 defence he will get destroyed by 7 star titans

@OP go with tarlak Zeline is good for raids and raids only tarlak is amazing on titans and raids

Don’t do a second alby

I’m fighting 10* titans with a 3/70 Tarlak right now. Just put a defense crit troop on him.

What are his stats at 3-70

Attack 692 Defense 561 Health 1042

Compared to Wu at 620 defense and 992 health they both survive a 10* hit.

Edit: Might need to put the troop with best defense and health boost on them though

You don’t need Zeline at 4-80 to be effective

Tarlak does do better in raids and is a must for titans, you need the stats

Tarlak, then Zeline.

I honestly see a second Alby as a waste of great heroes.

I’ve had Zeline for a long time, and use her for most stuff. She’s one of the top green heroes. Tarlak is also very good and I’m levelling him as fast as I can for titans and wars, but IMO he’s just not as versatile as Zeline.
A second Albie would be a great luxury for wars, but should come behind the other two. Luxuries are lower priority than necessities.
I seriously considered not using my tonics on Tarlak with the expected ‘green Panther’ in December, but concluded the bird in the hand I had and was using was better levelled now than waiting months for a HotM I might not even get.

If you don’t know his stats at 3/70 why you give such an advice so easy?

Not knowing a 3.70 stats doesn’t mean to not know how said hero works :man_shrugging:

And 4.80 stats (opposed to 3.70 ones) are easier to be found (on sites as 7ddgaming or titanmafia), so he should only compare the stats to draw his conclusions.

On top of that I finished leveling my tarlak a coupe weeks ago and I know how he works against 10 and 11 stars; not good

I don’t have Tarlak or Alby, but i do have Zelin & she is fantastic, i will ascend her if i have the others

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