Tarlak special

Tarlak does not fire his special when a stage is completed by using another heros special. It will fire if the stage is completed using tiles.




20 what what what…

What? It’s very straight forward. When Tarlak special is on, during stage change, if you clear the stage with tiles, he still heals. If you clear with another heros special, he doesn’t. He should go off after every turn.

A turn is always ended after you moved tiles. If you use specials to get on the next stage your turn is not over yet.

LOL :rofl: You answered your problem. Special attacks are not count as a turn…

That’s not right. So a turn isn’t over when switching stages? Because it definitely resets.

@Maaeetz already answered you. It is almost unbelievable that you have such heroes and you don’t know such elementary things.

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A turn is only over when you make your move. Hitting opponents with specials does not complete the move, you have to move the gems in order to complete your move. That’s what you always do in maps, raids and wars, you just might nit have paid attention to it.

And all HoTs are applied only at the end of a turn. So unless your move is finished they won’t be applied. :slight_smile:

You fellas are misunderstanding hiM I think. He’s saying the tile buff and heal over x turns resets/vanishes if you finish a stage and doesn’t carry over to the next round of monsters… atleast that’s what I think he means- it’s not an argument about when the turn ends

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