Tarlak,s fortune doesn't apply to heroes?

It seems, that +100% strengths of Tarlak doesn’t apply to heroes ?
It is android, s01-12-9, last stage, fight of Domicia on full Bug without Tarlak’s fortune and with
empires empires

Was the hit a special skill hit or a hit with tiles? I assume it was Domitia’s special skill, right?

Tarlak’s special only applies to normal attack, which means to tiles. Special skills are not affected by Tarlak’s special.


Its meant that Tarlak’s fortune is relevant only for defence, not attack, yes?
Because of in attack heroes doesn’t attack normally, but special only.

No, Aquaginera is saying that Tarlak increases normal damage: all the damage that doesn’t come from a special skill (tiles for attackers and autoattacks for defenders).


Not exactly. Heroes on defense also have normal attacks besides their special skills. Whenever the countdown runs down to 0 and they have a flame next to it they will have a normal slash attack. This attack is also affected by Tarlak’s buff.

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Doesn’t find in description that it doesn’t apply to special skills …

It’s looks not fair. Because in this case down defence is more preferable then attack up (I think attack up for all/most buffers only for normal skills?). Is there buffers for special skills?

This is the part where it is mentioned:

Fair or not you would still need an attack buffer in many areas of the game along with the ones who decrease defenses. Heroes as Brienne, Boldtusk, Kiril, Gadeirus, Sir Lancelot, Ares, Khiona and more can increase both normal and special attack.

The only heroes that increases just normal attack are Tarlak and the current HOTM Miki.


His description says “All allies get +100% normal attack”. Normal attack means tile damage in offense and slash attack on defense. Special skills damage isn’t considered “normal damage”.

Ares increases critical hit chance, not attack stat. Also Wu Kong and Ranvir have buff that affects special skills damage, but with accuracy debuff.


In Russian it sounds like +100% attack for all allies …

Ok, understand. Not fair for me, but understand this point and need to keep.

Thanks for explanation)))

Are you sure he just increase critical chance? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But they increase attack, wich is what ssT1 were asking for.

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Could you please post the Russian description?

It’s neither fair nor unfair, it’s just how this character is designed. He’s great fir titans, not so great for raids/wars.

Sorry, my bad :zipper_mouth_face:


Sorry, my fault. +100% of usual attack …


He’s actually quite good for raids/wars. The tile damage boost is insanely powerful if you’re good at tile play.

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