Tarlak Regena symbol

Hi there,
Might that be, the symbol of tarlaks regeneration effect is wrong?

Compared to other Heroes Like Guardian Owl, the symbol from Tarlak has only one arrow up and the owl has two.
Also it can be overwritten by each other.
The special from Triton does have also only one arrow up. The same like Tarlak. And wil not be overwritten, what is right not to do.

Here two pictures, the specials has been activated in the first picture: Triton + Tarlak. Second the owl.

Owl symbol has two arrows 'cause, I guess, his special only affect himself, and could be a sort of reminder that his regeration has a different value (higher in this case! two arrows up!) from all the other heroes, that are still affected by Tarlak’s special.

If Owl would have had the same identical special of Tarlak (regeneration for ALL the allies), he would have overwritten it completely. In this case Owl only owerwrites himself, but is not canceling Tarlak’s special from the others. So, visually, a different sign can help (or is needed).

Probably if -in the second pic- you check the others heroes they do not have 90 LP as values, but 78 like in the first pic.

Could this make a sense?

Higher regeneration effect does have two arrows. This seems to be a good explanation. If i check the last fight against a Team with Alberich the Heroes got all two arrows up. But this is not the point.

Low regeneration one arrow
High regeneration two arrows
But why does have Triton the same symbol as a low regeneration?

Maybe not Tarlaks symbol is not wrong, maybe its Tritons?!

this one is easier! Well, symbol is the same, but the special is different!
Because Triton is NOT an healer, but a boost-healer. Two different specials, so two symbols are needed while they’re occuring at the same moment

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