Tarlak or Mother North

I have a little leveling left to do but have the tonics and shields for final ascension, not overly stocked with nature I do have Elkanen @ 3/70 and Cademon is fully ascended. From reading on here I don’t think Elkanen should get the tonics so any suggestions would be appreciated. And as always thanks in advance for your help😎

Tarlak is a top tier ATK buffer, Mother North is a top tier healer with a chance of resurrection.

I think that Mother North would be a better choice as you can’t find similar effects on common heroes but if you have a focus on titan’s attacks then Tarlak is the clear winner.


Tarlak is squishy at 3/70. MN is not.


I never regretted giving 6 tonics to my Tarlak, but if I had Zeline or Alby, Tarlak would have to wait. So, my decision would be driven as per:

  1. how strong titans your alliance fight now (over 8 - tarlak)
  2. how many other reasonable maxed 5* for defense you have now (5 and more - tarlak, less MN)
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Depends what you need.

Tarlak is completly useless in def but awesome for titans.

MN is awesomone for def.

Pulled MN and shes great for story mode.
You do not need many items to stand bossfights even in harder levels.
For attacking users, wars and titans shes too slow.
For healing shes a little weak. Tarlak is the better choice for short fights.
But in defence and to shock others shes badass.
Often brings back heroes which were already dead - no no noooo - f… :wink:

Shortly: MN is a nice if not best defence healing supporter, Tarlak an attack supporting healer.

!? +30% target’s hp (without modifiers) and +10% of her massive HP for the whole team is a joke to you?

Thanks for your replies I’m kind of stuck in the hospital today but I will list my other heroes to help you veterans and game specialist possibly give me a better answer be patient


No, its well, but I set up another healer (Rigard) as support in defence team.
Both are divided by Ares in the middle and I got Li Xiu and Triton on the edges.
Tritons hearts will also support duration of being alive.
Against very good attackers I have no chance.
Others probably freak out, cause they couldnt get rid of my team :sunglasses:

For me the fights aginst MN in xMas event were the hardest.
So I am very pleased to have her now.


Little break between hospital test here , I apologize for asking a question without thorough information. My red team consist of fully ascended Azlar,Zim,Boldtusk,Scarlett,Gormek. Ice heroes that are fully ascended consist of Isarnia,Triton,Grimm,Sonya,Agwe. Dark heroes are fully ascended Rigard,Tiburtus,Jabbar,Gafar,Sabina,and Merlin. Fully ascended holy heroes are Vivica,Wu,Gretel, and I am working on Rana 3/70 Guin 3/40 Jackyl 3/50. From my feeble memory that’s about all I can think of right now not even sure there’s a good tank anywhere because I don’t fully understand the complexities of setting up teams. Thanks again everybody for your help and if I missspelled let’s blame that on the doctors :joy:

Its not very complex I think.
Try several combis in older story fights and you will see the effects.

The defence have to stand long.
Good if one buffs and one cleares state.

If you attack you can choose abilities best against the other team.
If they set bad state you need to clear and if they set their own state you need to buff.
All this combined with much healing and well attackers.

The more power your team have the less influence of the stones.
Heroes with much text on the card are often the best :lol:
Except Lianna - she only gives death :wink:

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@Kerridoc, that’s the info that I really needed thank you my friend :+1:t3:

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