Tarlak or MN

I have both Tarlak and mother North at 3-70, and now the mats to take one up. But cannot make my mind up which one! As I see it, Tarlak for titans (my alliance fights 6-8*s) and mother for raids and wars (both would be useful for trials, but not vital). I can’t decide which is more important.

My other 5*s are:
Seshat+6, Sartana+7, Domitia+1
Joon+7, Leonidas+5, Ranvir+3
Thorne+7, Isarnia+1
Lady Locke+7, Liana+3, Elkanen 3/70
Zimkitha+7, Elena+3, Azlar 3/70, Khagan 3/70, Marjana 3/70. (Thinking azlar next when I get the mats)

In terms of 4*s I have one each (don’t keep dupes) of all season 1, Atlantis except Wilbur, danz & ghost girl, and Merlin, all maxed and many of them with some emblems. My current healer options I use are boldtusk+20 or rigard+11+max. costume (if I don’t take MN, could add a few nodes).

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

MN and emblem her and never look back. Tarlak can serve his purpose on 3.70.


You can’t use revive scrolls in raids but you can resurrect a defeated Tarlak on titans, unless his special isn’t 8/8 go with Mother North!


I don’t have either so take this with a grain of salt.

From a raiding perspective I don’t struggle or think either have an impact… Neither are heroes who cause me to lose raids…

From a versatility perspective I’d say that Tarlak probably goes more places than MoNo. I’m not sure how many (if any) would ever take her gainst a titan. However you don’t have Miki but Ranvir so I’m not sure who gets used more.

But in saying that MoNo probably has more impact in offence raids/ map and challenge completion.

Just some meandering thoughts


As someone who has both maxed…MN by a lot.


This is not a good warrior does… I recommend at least 2 of following epics: Caedmon, Sonya, BT, Kiril, Rigard and Sabina. They are never enough in AW when your alliance faces a single colour tank. For example, if you face yellow tanks, the most effective is to have at least 18 purples. Of course, no one would say this is mandatory, but like I said above, at least the most useful epics should have dupes. Especially since the costumes are out and those dupes may actually be totally different heroes.

And of course, MN is the obvious choice, since you fight those level titans (and you also have Ranvir).

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I find Tarlak very over rated. Now with all the other titan specialists out ( Miki, Ranvir) it seems Tarlak is good for blue titans and that’s pretty much it. Kinda regret using tonics on him to be honest. Just my personal opinion.


Mother North, unless you’re going to be stepping beyond 12 star titans anytime soon. She’s better for everything but titans and he’ll do well enough at 3-70 until you get further along.


I maxed 2 mums, LotL & Kingston while my Tarlak still sits @70.

I don’t use Tarlak except on blue titans and some fun raids. My 2 mums and LotL are kinda mandatory everywhere.

Super Porridge every day. :rofl:

1 mum is like having 2 teams and 2 mums are like having 3.

Mum simply is the best hero of the game and it would be a big mistake to take another one 1st.

As said Tarlak will do @70, too.


Mother North over every green hero in the game. I have Tarlak at 1/1 only because i just summoned him last Atlantis. She will change the way u play this game forever. U will be reckless in offensive raids. Its funner that way. Have fun with her

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I have Tarlak on the way to max. But if I had pulled MN I probably would have been angry I maxed him.

I love Tarlak, but will eventually replace him on my defense. MN is great for both offense and defense. Maybe iffy on titans, but Tarlak is decent at 3/70 for that (disagree that he’s “good enough” because he’s a bit squishy).

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Thanks everyone, the consensus is pretty clearly in MN’s favour!

I’m aware of that, however I play in a fairly casual mixed standard alliance, so don’t need to be super competitive - and our war opponents don’t often co-ordinate tanks. I have 46 heroes at x-70 or above (essentially 9 per colour) so have a fair amount of choice, and enjoy having a variety of (admittedly sometimes rubbish) heroes. I have always had unique heroes available to level, so haven’t needed to consider dupes, and haven’'t saved them since I don’t have the space (I have kept 5* dupes in hope of the academy being decent, if it isn’t will probably work on 2nd Zimkitha). With the addition of costumes I’m also considering a second Rigard & Melendor (the costumes I have).

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