Tarlak or Margaret?

Just got tarlak and Margaret from who should I ascend can’t take one all the way

Tarlak all the way…


Tarlak without a blink
He is very useful in every possible way
Margret it only good in PvP (player vs player) or at boss levels
Tarlak will help you at everything and i would trade any hero i got with him


Tarlak, he is one of the best heroes while Margaret is just meh.


I’m on the Tarlak bandwagon. He will be so much more useful than Margaret!! He’s a Wu Kong with out the downside


Thanks it’s could that I pulled the both at the same time tarlak it is


Just so you know the final form of both:

Edit: I changed the title of your thread so others with the same question could find this discussion. :slight_smile:


Basically same stats but Tarlak >
Hope itll make it to TC21/22 i want this guy so bad for titans and not only.

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Tarlak - an unfulfilled wish of the larger part of the community (including myself).
Margaret - not as much


I’ve been playing for 6 months and the only 5 star hero I have is Tarlak. I’ve spent about $100 so far on the game. No heroes of the month along the way. I’m not complaining though because I have Tarlak. He’s a beast. Trust that.

Tarlak for 100% sure.

Tarlak goes

Tok Tok Booom :boom:

on every titan and ensures the incoming of mats. He’s tough for map, wars, quests and events. He buffs both, slash attacks and specials and at last he heals the team.

Margie just casts a very fast witch for a chance to dodge specials. She only shines in PvP, since she does nothing against mobwaves and isn’t worth a slot only for the bosses.

I’d give 2 Margies (if I had one) for a single Tarlak. For sure it has to be him.


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