Tarlak or Lady of the Lake to max?

I am cheap to play, and deep into the game. With ascension material still fairly rare, which should go next? I have several good 5* already maxed in all colors, so no real holes to fill. Just looking for best overall

do you need a green attack buffer for blue titans?

i use wu kang on all Titan

Best question:

Do you have Miki maxed / do you take Tarlak as your main tile buffer?

If Yes -> Max Tarlak

If No -> Max LotL

LotL will give you a 5* healer which is very versatile. She’s also sorcerer class which is (comparably) light in terms of emblem sinks.

Tarlak on the other hand is Monk Class (which is hotly contested) and can function as a tile/ damage buffer at 3/70 as well as he can at 4/80 (just gets extra survivability)


I could use a sorcerer for emblems. No miki

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I have 5* healers in dark, holy, and blue. Grazul is next red to max.

If you use Wu as your attack buffer then Tarlak is a real upgrade. Especially so because Tarlak is not tanky enough to survive against high level titans at 3.70. Beyond titans, I think Tarlak is very strong on offense in general.

LotL is also very strong on offense, and can have a hard time surviving long enough to use her special at 3.70. When she does get her special off it can turn a match around, or guarantee a win, so surviving that long is a big deal. She is also much stronger than Tarlak on D.

Without more in depth context of your roster I’d probably recommend Tarlak so you don’t have to rely on Wu. With the number of healers you already have I think LotL, strong as she is, might be less of a priority.

Not strictly true…

Math says that (damage wise) Wu Kong is actually better…

The only reason for Tarlak over Wu is a) he doesn’t miss so there is no “missed stuns” and b) he has a (small) heal over time…

Tarlak also stacks with other attack buffers, so does that hold true when you pile the bonus higher and higher?

I also consider not having suffer missed special skills a pretty big plus, since missing a key defense/elemental defense down special can big a very big deal on a titan attack. The fact that Tarlak himself brings a huge attack stat to the table is the icing on the cake.

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Tarlak only stacks with other attack buffers to a point. He caps out at like +160%

Wu Kong on the other hand ALSO stacks with other attack buffers but doesn’t have a soft cap.

As I said, raw damage-wise Wu Kong comes out on top… Tarlak’s main benefit is the lack of Missing.


Lady of the lake for sure. :ok_hand:
From having both maxed, I made this recommendation.

In my honest opinion, and given what has already been said in this thread, I would focus on levelling Lady of the Lake first.
Good luck

Welp, I 100% forgot that Wu would stack with other attack buffs. Don’t know where I got that idea.

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If your priority is the titan, I can say Tarlak is an upgrade of Wu as Wu’s misses is getting really annoying I had since replaced him with Miki on 4 other elements of titan battles.
No doubt LotL is a good flank which will immediately boost up you defence. The issue ; there is this new beast in town call Telluria which is quite a formidable green tank. If that is not enough, there is another green monster call Heimdall. Who knows they may come to your rooster sooner.

It’s all down to your priority.
Offense and defense ; LotL.
Titan ; Tarlak.

As already stated, it depends on your priority. Since you have no Miki, Tarlak is the next best option, for titans. In that case, he is a straight upgrade to Wu Kong, because while average dmg of his buff may be smaller, he lasts longer against higher titans and can heal himself and others too, improving his durability. However, if you want to have a multi-purpose hero, then Lady of the Lake is better. As an user of Sorcerer Supreme Vivica, I can remove all of Tarlak’s buffs with a single dispel. LotL is slow, sure, but she’s a complete b8888 when she does fire, undoing quite a bit of your work and decreasing your mana constantly, which cannot be remedied by dispel (if you even can keep it charged). As such, she is extremely valuable for defense, offense and even challenge/seasonal events, where she can keep enemies at bay. I am sure someone tried her against Hard Ursena Boss, it would be interesting to see that.

So the verdict is:
Titans: Tarlak
Pretty much everything else: LotL

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Tarlak only used against blue titans vs Lakey as the complete everything queen.

Not a question at all who of them should be maxed 1st.

Tarlak also works well @70, which makes two arguments for the green Lady.

I came in thinking Tarlak, now going lotl, only have 3 tonics so will be a bit. Titans not high on my list because i am in a buddies clan, and don’t get a lot of help from bottom 2/3 of clan. we beat 6*, sometimes 7. wu will do a bit longer. i got the 3 green snipers and heim already maxed. thanks everyone

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