Tarlak moved on summun image, will not be in next months?

I seem to remember, but I’m not sure, that in the previous Atlantis summon Tarlak was on the left. Can anybody remember?

Just speculating here, but since he now is on the right, he may not be in next months summon and Mor.Arr will be moved to the right.

Not sure, but quite probably not.
I mean, it’s already strange that he appears two consecutive times and Misandra not, just saying.

Next month we will probably have new atlantis heroes, and i don’t really know if Small Giant will propose again Misandra or Mok-Arr for the next month.

But if i have to spend my 2 cents, i say Tarlak will not be avalaible for a while after this.

I think they added Tarlak because of one of following reasons:

  • People complained that Tarlak is available to summon just for few days.

  • They didn’t have second card ready for Atlantis.

If I remember correct, Petri said that Tarlak is not coming back anytime soon but it did come back. They changed their plans.

I think next time we will see different family. No way they will focus on one family so long.

Yeah, i think thats the main reasons they pick him and not Misandra to “complete” the portal as new heroes wasn’t already tested in beta.

But now we are testing new heroes, and i don’t really see any reason to add Tarlak a third time in the portal. And by the time the cycle ends with Misandra, Mok-Arr and those new heroes there will probably be other new heroes as well.

So yes, i guess Tarlak will return not less then 6 months or so, but i just speculate.


Supposedly a yellow Atlantis 5 dropped in BETA and will be in the next round with Mok-Arr

There are 3 new heroes from Sakura Family. I guess will be 2 of them - yellow and red!?

Thanks guys.

Didn’t want to wait 6 months so gave it a go and did 2x10. Got Tarlak on second set :smile: