Tarlak, Missandra, Mok-arr 0.2% summon chance... muahahaha!

Thats all what I wanted to say:rofl:


Did something changed or it’s always been 0.2%? And shame on the dev for this smh

Past Atlantis didn’t have season 2 5* in their normal pool. They were all part of the “featured 5*” list, one of the 4 listed 5* you see. The 0.2% is just a tiny bone they are giving so you have a minuscule chance of getting tarlak (like 0.1 or 0.05% chance) even though he’s not “featured”.

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Yep, new red and yellow heroes like always 1.3 % (btw earlier it was 1.3%?), because they “featured” like past HOTM. But old 5* atlantis heroes (Tarlak, Missandra, Mok-arr) just 0.2%.

It’s just a bonus chance as they are additional 5* heroes, odds are still the same for everything else.


0.2% divided by 3 for Tarlak specifically

0.325% for Zeline or for a specific of the featured four.

My alliance leader defied those odds and pulled Inari lol

Its better than 0,0% smh…

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Normal legendary is 1%.
There’s 20 regular, so the chance for a specific regular (like Joon) is 0,05%

Previous featured are 3.
So odds for a specific (like Tarlak) are about 0,067%

It sounds bad but it’s actually better (but not so much better though)


Agreed. I actually pulled Tarlek and was surprised.

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Gotta say I was pretty happy with my pulls and I also got Inari in the pull before…Think I should play the lottery today

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