Tarlak in next Atlantis Summon?

Will Tarlak be in this upcoming Atlantis Summon? He wasn’t in the last one.

He was in the last Atlantis summons as “non featured,” and that part of the pool has a 0.2% draw rate. He’ll definitely be in that again if nothing else, the question is whether he’ll be in the “featured” heroes again, which has a bit better odds. I’m not sure there’s any way to know that in advance, though, since those seem to rotate a mix of new Atlantis heroes and previously featured Atlantis heroes.

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Wow I must have missed that. I don’t remember Tarlak even being a part of the non-featured pool.

It was a new change in the last release, so that was the first time:

Highly doubt that he will be come featured again, as they seem to go by families, the whole “leaf” family rotated to non-featured permanently* now that sakura family is here. I believe next featured heroes are kageburado and mitsuko/inari

*or atleast until full rotation/Release of atlantis is done, don’t know what happens after that.

Yeah, I got him last month. Quite the surprise.

why tarlak? not the best green hero in my opinion.

@Svarog Stackable attack buff makes him huge for titans and hard levels, and potentially useful for raiding offense depending on what’s he’s paired with.

Because he pairs very nicely with Wilbur.

Other than maybe Athena, easily the best titan hero in the game (replacing Wukong for higher titans).

Do you guys know when exactly is atlantis summon this month? im new in this game

@omjm09 As of right now, 4 days and 2 hours from now.

Okay thanks sir, still have alot time to farm atlantis coin hehe hoping to have 200 or 300 til that day hehe

Yep! I’m working on finishing up the hard levels now. 109 down, 11 to go… You’ll have lots of opportunity to farm coins, even with the normal levels, since the first 12 provinces have been released, and there are 3 more coming in this next release.

Good luck with your coin farming!

Tarlak will be available in every atlantis portal. Him, misandra and mok arr. Then once all 3 sakura 5* are featured twice they will be in every atlantis portal from then on as well

After all 3 sakura are featured twice then poseidon, ariel, and atomos will be the next 3. They’re currently in beta now

then it is clear, I have an athena, so he does not seem to me to be the best :grin:

They do not really rule other self out. Tarlak-Athena is the best titan duo in the game I’d say.
And Tarlak might not be the best Green (that is somewhat debatable), but I do think that he is the best atlantis 5*.

He is the best at buffing up ally attacks while Athena is the best at debuffing the enemy. Both have great synergy. So neither is better than the other.

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Fighting 8* titan, I would take Athena + Wu over Tarlak + pulverizer.

For raid offence I find Tarlak a beast. I’m in diamond and my average cups have gone up with around 100 after replacing greg with Tarlak.

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