Tarlac problems

One of my friends just got tarlac ,and to my friend acount tarlac special skill do not aply to all herous , tarlac special skill aply just to green herous, and my friend dont speak english , how can i help him?

Is is possible for your friend to record a video or make a screenshot to demonstrate the issue?

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I have noticed that tarlak is not buffing correctly (or at all). See both pics where one is a grimm attack with boldtusk (1016 damage, sorry it was starting to fade)) and the other is grimm against same guy with tarlak (838 damage). I noticed this bc i farm this level a lot a lot and just got tarlak. I noticed the stats weren’t being boosted

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Tarlak special is for normal damage and not special damage.

BT increases both normal and special.


Ah. I see that in the description now. Guess that keeps him from being op


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