Targeting while in Ghost Form

I couldn’t find any information on this, but does it make sense that after the enemy has been put in ghost form by Lepiota, the user has the ability to press and target the ghosted enemy?

I am addressing this in situations like in double/reverse double formations where after ghosting the center hero you can still take the advantage of heroes that hit 3 to actually damage all of the surrounding heroes.

In my opinion a hero that is ghosted should not be able to be targeted, just like you can’t hit the ghosted hero with tiles. Ghosted hero is technically unavailable during ghost form.

I have had this hurt me and I’ve used it to my advantage. Against double formations I like to ghost the center and still use hit threes. I’ve also accidentally targeted a sniper at a ghost.

You can also target a hero that has revived but is not back yet this turn.

I’m not sure which way it should be but they’re still there so why not? Maybe in the future we’ll have heroes that remove ability to target.

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I don’t see the concern here tbh. This means you can still damage the flanks even when the target has ghosted. It works on your favour on offense as well. With some luck the enemy will aim at your ghosted hero and you can avoid the full damage

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