Targeted Former HOTM Bonus Roll

I had an idea that would help allow players to have a chance at getting former HOTMs, and at the same time give them a use for unneeded 5* heroes.

The idea is this - in the summon portal, a player can set which former HOTM (released 12+ months ago) they would like a bonus summoning chance for. After doing so, for every summon from every event (Atlantis, Valhalla, Costume, etc.) they have a 0.1% chance of getting a bonus roll on the HOTM they indicated they were targeting, in addition to any other current HOTM or bonus pulls. Your odds start off at 0.1%, so you have a shot from the get-go, but highly unlikely.

However, you can sacrifice a 5* hero of your choice to improve your odds by another 0.1% (or whatever percentage SGG feels makes sense). So I could feed in 7 unwanted 5* heroes, and improve my odds so that every pull, I have a 0.8% chance of getting the former HOTM I am after. Over time, when I eventually get lucky and pull that hero, I get to select which hero I am targeting next, and my odds of getting that hero drop back down to 0.1% again per hero summon. I can then feed in more unwanted 5* heroes to improve my odds of pulling that hero eventually as well.

I feel like this idea addresses a few of the issues that people were hoping the Hero Academy would solve. It makes 5* heroes that normally would be unwanted have a good use, and it allows people to get former HOTMs that are otherwise … close to impossible to get (without spending an enormous amount of money at least). And most important, I think this would be profitable for SGG.

Some of the benefits for SGG that come to mind:

  • It makes it so heroes that a person normally would not want at all have value. I am at a point where there are only a small number of 5* season heroes that are of any use to me, and the rest are duds. When pulling on Atlantis, the Costume Chamber, Valhalla, etc, normally there are a large number of characters that I could pull that I don’t have any interest in. I have 5 copies of Horghall currently, with this system pulling another Horghall would be welcome. The pool of potentially useful heroes is increased, so people will pull more.

  • I know that I personally will often stop pulling during a given month once I pull the HOTM, unless its someone like Malosi where a 2nd copy would be desirable. For many HOTMs, one is enough though. If this system were in place, I would be less inclined to stop pulling, because I could utilize a 2nd copy of Noor.

  • It also creates an incentive to do more pulls so that they get the former HOTM they are after. Getting your favorite former HOTM would be a big incentive for people to pull, and is going to equate to more money for SGG.

Anyway, that’s the gist of the idea. The percentages, pool of heroes, etc. could be adjusted accordingly into something that works for SGG. It might be the case that a person couldn’t specify the exact hero they want, but maybe they select 5 heroes instead, and they get 1 of those heroes at random. Lots of possible ways to tweak this idea to address any issues.


Great idea-it would be awesome if this was implemented, and it would completely solve the dupe problem people have. It’s also not like you could get all the old hotm either (which SG obviously don’t want) as most people only have a limited supply of dupes to increase the chance with-unless of course you do heaps more pulls, which is good for SG anyway.