Target defensive specials

I just wondered why defensive specials can’t be aimed?

Instead of caster or caster+nearby, why not target one of your heroes as center of the effect?
This would make for a much more interesting mechanics for PvP, but sometimes also quests/events.

Imagine you could aim the defense buff or healing from these single or three hero effects. The possibilities are many-fold.

What would be the side effects? Maybe the specials are more powerful than the ‘all allies’ ones?
But that would be true for everyone, so maybe it will not affect the game too much?

I can see this being useful on offense. However, three questions come to mind:

  1. How would this change the behavior of the AI (both autoplay and defense AI)? The AI targeting the wings with splashing attacks is already an issue, so imagine if a Kashhrek tank healed/buffed the two heroes to his right instead of himself + nearby. It would nerf many great defensive tanks unless this new targeting were reserved for player use only.

  2. What about heroes that have both offensive and defensive components to their special? For example, Domitia targets 1 enemy for damage, 3 for dispel, and gives herself and nearby allies a holy shield. Would you need two spearate targeting reticules?

  3. Currently, there would be no good method to target an ally in the UI. Tapping on a hero uses their special, and tap-holding on a hero pops up detailed information about them. How would the UI change to accomodate this feature?

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Thanks very good points. I agree implementing this would be a challenge.

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