Tanks reappear after being defeated with gems while under elemental healing kink

I dont have any recorded evidence of this (yet), but twice now today I have defeated Onatel tank with gems and at the end of the turn she reappears and fires her special off. I will add a recording of this when I can, but just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing it

Version 26 added an animation when Onatel gains Mana from stealing that looks a little like the animation for when an enemy dies.

It’s sort of a white swirl that obscures her momentarily.

Is it possible that’s what you saw?

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Yes. I noticed that animation later in the day today and suspected that might be the case. It’s very possible I had her near death and saw the animation and assumed she died

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It’s definitely easy to confuse the animation for her dying when she’s near death and you think you might have finished her off.

Sounds like that is indeed what it was — but if you see something else, where she’s dying and reappearing, or disappearing unexpectedly, definitely update this or report a new bug.

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