Tanks make me happy!

I would like to see actual tanking in the game. Implement specials that would draw damage away from squishy heroes. I do like the damage mitigation specials however drawing enemy targeting could add a more strategic component in raids and hero leveling.

Not a bad idea for a new hero/special.
It would have to work differently for defensive/attacking raiding.

Board damage on a defensive team: would all damage be drawn from other heroes(including weak/normal/strong colour matches). Technically it would have 5 colour weakness by attacking other heroes… would it also gain mana with each hit?

It would be such a fine line between making them too weak and unusable or OP too. I guess that’s what beta testing is for…

Very good points. I think the ability of a tank to draw damage from a superior color like a blue tank trying to draw attention from a green hero would be less effective possibly. Or as normal taking damage from a superior element would increase damage or crit potential. Another interesting element would be tank healing possibilities.

Also I think a way to keep a tank from being OP could be to make all but useless as a damage type hero.

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