Tanks are getting too tanky and too fast

They should all be very slow. All the most used annoying tanks are only average. It’s stupid. I used to like playing but these tanks make it unenjoyable.

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These 2 for example. Rediculous


Boss wolf
Mother North

All highly effective and commonly encountered in diamond


What’s your issue with those?
Against guin, my alt account uses, Rigard, Proteus and tiburtus… And then two random heroes which are strong against the flank.

Against ageir he uses kiril, Sonya and Grimm… And two heroes against the flank.

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Yeah, Kunchen is currently the tank of my main account.
He is a nice tank.
Results are nearly the same as with onatel before.
But it seems that Kunchen is slightly better.
But all heroes did get more emblems too, since I used here, so that might be a reason for the difference too.


Neither of those are new

Guin is almost 2 yrs old
Aegir is almost a year old
Best tank out this year has been kunch but even he’s like 7 months old and slow, not average

Nothing new.
And even the best tanks are killable. 3-2, 4-1, 3-1-1, and mono are all common succesful strategies and have been for a long time. Nothing has changed that. Sure if you go rainbow, you’re going to run into much more frustration than if you color stacked but that’s just part of the game.


I can still hate them

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Agreed but that’s not what you said. You made it out to seem like they’re game breaking. Which guin was gamebreaking upon initial release but that ship sailed long ago


Aegir has natural enemies. Caedmon and Melendor are available for everyone and will easily dispel Aegir’s Icy Resilience on a decent board.

I don’t find Aegir too bad myself, only during wars where hero selection is limited, and in buff booster tournaments where the +80% attack from the four buffs (60% if not including element link) makes me cry :cry:

When you can choose whatever heroes you want though, I stack against his flanks and lower their defense. I don’t even bring green heroes against him, since once you take out his supports he’s not a threat.

It’s kinda the same as fighting Kashhrek in platinum, it’s better to stack against his supports and forget about him. Both are quite passive tanks.

My honky tank woman is an :octopus:




Aegir & Guin die by my thumb by the truckload.

If anything… Guin owners should complain about the dark heroes that have been released, not to mention the one that is almost directly made as a counter.

Seshat (the antiguin), Kage, Khiona, Kunchen, Ursena… (EDIT: Mokarr added)

And I’ll say it again… Hatter is a wonderful beast. eats Aegir for lunch.


Not everyone has Hatter, in fact it’s a bit hard to pull him. But Wilbur works pretty well as Aegir counter.

Seshat is absolutely awesome against Guin, too bad I need 3 tabards more to max mine.


From what I gathered from forums, Aegir was considered as worthless until his (not-so) recent buff though. But most of tanks succumb to Hansel anyway. The faster, the better even.

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True he was released actually broken(in the underwhelming way, not the OP way)

V20 buff was how many months ago though? So still not recent and it’s not a huge sign of change

OT: You know, your post makes me wonder why SG came up with Guardian Gazelle and Chameleon, and not Guardian Eagle, in the update of hero rosters. That would be like 1000x more awesome. End of OT.

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True, it was like 4 months already. Though that mostly confirms the trend and not some kind of power creep, if that is what OP meant. Actually, this game resists to power creep surprisingly well.

I tend to treat Aegir the same way. I stack against the flanks, try to not not fire Aegir up and often succeed with shared tile damage.

He’s annoying for sure, but not impossible.

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What he wrote was “these tanks make it unenjoyable.”

Unenjoyable does not mean ‘game breaking’.

And certainly mature teams don’t have issues - but I can see his point from an emerging team, facing Guins and Aegirs must be frustrating. I can empathize, even if I wouldn’t agree to any changes being necessary.