Tanks and flanks

Can someone tell me if

mitsuko, kunchen, guin
in that order would play well on defense? I’m trying to find the best tank/flank combo Or

Would Liliana, guin, kage be better?

IMO guin and kunchen only work as tanks…
So choose one and build the defense team around one of them

Guinevere is the best tank, if you want to run even Kunchen he shouldn’t be next to her: you should capitalize on her ability to slow down attackers by putting at least one fast/very fast heroe next to her… and not slow ones.

Kunchen - Mitsuko - Guinevere - Kageburado - Lianna


My normal team is

Misandra, liliana, guin, kage, marjana

I just wanted to know if the mid 3 were set up like that if it would work. 2 mana cuts, 2 health, kunchen gets protect holy, dark and ice.

I get that they are all reviewed as crap support but I want to know if anyone has tried those 3 in the middle with emblems even.

Your former team is really good but I would suggest you to change your formation’s order to:
Lianna - Kageburado - Guinevere - Misandra - Marjana

Lianna could snipe hard a single target, leaving the weaker specials finish the job.

Kageburado would attack first in most of the cases, exploiting his increased damage on targets over 50% hp and removing his target’s bonusses

Misandra’s (class) resurrection would be more meaningful if she would have with Guinevere’s HoT and an early mana bumb is very helpful. She could also finish your previous targets with her chain attacks.

Marjana would be the last one to attack, the end :slight_smile:

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I agree with misandra in flank as she goes off more and triggers the others. I would switch her to left flank though as guin and kage and lilana would go off on same turn

Marjana, misandra, guin, kage, liliana

I had it the other way so the 2 purest hitters in the game liliana and kage were flank

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