Tanks, a thing of the past?

So, with the current new extravaganzza signed by SG (formations, of course) will the notion of tank become a thing of the past? A tank, as we understand the notion today, makes sense only if it stands in the direct line of enemy fire, being the defense’s main shield against the attacker’s tiles. In the curent global beta formations, the standard pointed at the enemy, V shaped, formation is the only one that has a tank. All other formations have different systems of incoming tiles sharing, bringing us to a point where the most important piece of defensive gear, the allmighty tank, losses it’s meaning. So, will tanks become extinct, turning into something else, or will people choose the classic tank based V shape for their defense? Also, will this change the way wars are waged? Will the coordinated tank color strategy fall into oblivion? Will this diminnish the impact of monochrome teams? What are your thoughts on this matter. Please share!


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