Tanks a lot - Can Classic Heroes Still Hold the Centre?

I must have maxed her long time after I was past that level, because for me she was utter disappointment… forum held her in such high esteam, she was my first yellow 4*, so I left aside all else and maxed her asap. Now she only gets off the bench for purple titans and wars…25 orbs I have and three 1/1 Li Xiu, and I have no intention what so ever of ascending another…

My current defense is:

BT Aeron Vivica Richard Gregorion

Vivica as tank mainly because she is slow mana to (hopefully) charge up faster.

I float in and out of diamond on a regular basis but rarely drop below 2300.

My only other non-classic 5* is a 1/1 Ariel.


Any defense of maxed 5* heroes will sit comfortably in diamond.

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Yeah, she just Is the best 4* yellow tank with the most impactful mana control skill in the 4* range… Absolute trash, right?

She does the job just fine and with emblems e is an excellent tank.

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I haven’t dropped out of diamond for months, and use a Justice tank at 80+4. I have one four star on D as well, being BT at 70+14, which kind of makes him a four and a half star really

Remainder of defense are Evelyn, Mitsuko and Khiona who are obviously not TC20 and no slouches, but certain TC20 heroes can definitely still have a place on defense

Unfortunately my Justice has a limited shelf life as I just pulled Guinevere, but it will take me months to get the materials to max her, and Justice will do a sterling job in the meantime

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You mean Proteus, right?

Sorry, I just never found Li Xiu threatening in any way… and I just don’t see anybody investing emblems in Li with Wilbur around… next to Wilbur, Li is amateur hour…

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No, not Proteus. Proteus only affects (from 1 to )3 out of 5 heroes, doesn’t deals direct damage and his mana efect can be cleared.

I’m not saying he sn’t good, just that he doesn’t have themost impactful mana control as 4* hero.

I’d trade three maxed Li Xiu for one 1/1 Proteus any day of the week, but, hey!, we all are entitled to our personal opinion… Proteus + mana pots = flawless victory against any event or quest final bosses…

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Yes, Proto is a real gamechanger, but this one’s about vanilla tanks which Li definitely is much more (she’s lil Guin) than Proto ever will.

Li annoys well in upper platin up to lower diamond.


I concur that I find Li annoying when attacking her but I don’t recall ever seeing her as tank. Usually she’s flank, sometimes wing.

If she casts more than once as tank, she will probably prevent your whole team from getting charged at all until the fight is over.

I fight Guin a lot… Guin’s real power stands in her healing ability, which allows her to use her special again and again and again… Li dies fast, even is she gets to cast once… for her to cast another time it would take a miracle… her damage is close to none… imho, she is nowhere near Boril, Kiril, Boldtusk, Cyprian or Kashrek, speacking about vanilla 4* tanks…

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BT and Kash are both excellent as 4* tanks. They even work in a mixed 4/5* team. BT can be used in any position but Kash works best as tank.

I think Kash in the corner could be part of a pretty awful team - doing negligible damage and only firing too late to assist his neighbour

Never seen a Kash used as wing… did you? That would show extensive knowledge of game mechanics and brilliance in the strategic area… it would for sure get the opponent second guessing the things he thought he knew about the game :laughing:

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I’m cross-threading.

Thought I was on Worst Possible Team



Even I would trade classic doupes for many premium heroes I don’t have and I think everyone would use them to compete on events.

“Sadly” we can’t use them as freely as in maps/events with healing potions to back them up in a PvP setting.

This is a very interesting point of view…

Yep, Boldie flanked by 2 Kashs with Sartana and Magni on wings. You can call this hardcore triple tanking :rofl:

That’s kash on flank, not wing, and I’ve even used mine there on occasion.

I haven’t seen Kash on wing but I have seen Boril, which seemed odd. And Elena as well.


I am usually around 2500 cups and playing from left to right : Thoth+6 , Mother North+6, Elena+6. Magni, Joon+5.
Classic heroes still can be effective in holding center.

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