Tanks a lot - Can Classic Heroes Still Hold the Centre?

The vast majority of my heroes are classics, with a handful of Atlantis and Seasonal. My only non-classic 5* is Evelyn.

My front line is Justice flanked by Sartana and Domitia and I usually have between 2500 and 2600 cups due to an aggressive revenge strategy.

But I rarely see other TC20 heroes in the middle now.

Who else is using a TC20 tank in diamond?

Are emblems a help or a hindrance?

Are the likes of Kash and Boldy with a stack of emblems actually the best classic tanks?


I’m usually in low diamond and still see quite a lot of Richard, Justice and Elena tanks, the odd Groot and Elk too.

Could of course have something to do with me rerolling faster than you can say it for all Guin, Delilah and Kunchen tanks… Not super happy going up against Justice either. In fact, if your ingame name is the same as your forum nick @JonahTheBard, I rerolled you a week or so ago :>


Doesn’t really matter. Every def will be destroyed by heavy stacking and good boards.

Blue tanks are cool imo, since many end game players are better prepared to strike red, purple and holy tanks.

Isarnia (if tc20 only) will be tankful for that position I think.

My strategy is to use unusual teams for defense. Utility against all those pure killer teams. Just reached the magical border of 4K with mine, which kept me well above 2.4K cups since it had about 2.6K power. Ok, no vanillas, but Ares is some kind of classic.


TC20s are great to stack for revenges and attacks and also for 2 or 3 positions on def. Lianna, Magni, Joon, Sartana and Vivica will never die. Azlar is still deadly if and also Khagan and Thorne hit heavy.

All those Guin Kage Gravey Ariel Kunchen defs are more of a hype than really much better than others.

Well talented Kashs and Boldies will also tank a lot imo for keeping you in diamond. But talented legends up to +7 are there too right now. Scary :ghost: :wink:


Boril+10 tank, 810 defense, 1259 hp… flanked by BT+10 and Gormek+9, for wings currently Caedmon+9 and Elkanen 4/80… I usually linger between 2400 and 2600 cups, but that is mostly due to very aggressive raiding habits. Anyway, lately, as emblems piled-up, I noticed an increase in the defense wins percentage. I use Boril for both raid and war defense. In wars my team rarely gets one shot and extremely rare taken out a second time during a war.


There better not be a fake Jonah the Bard out there!

Aww that’s so sweet


Isa Kash Boldie Kash Isa

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One could argue it would’ve been sweeter to let you hand me my derrière, but let’s say I skipped you out of the kindness of my heart…

My Hel is getting there though, next time I see your Justice smirk smugly at me I might just show her what the younger gen can do!


Gz for the new title! :slight_smile:

Viable TC20 tanks could be Justice, Elena and Richard, with Elkanen following them (Aeron or Zimkitha flank needed).

Other viable tanks could be Li Xiu, Boldtusk, Boril, Cyprian when above the 10th emblem’s level.

Isarnia work for mewin tank position, my trpphies are around 2500-2600 (sometimes after night I have 2600+)

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I hear exactly what u are saying,

I believe SG releases more heroes that are more powerful so I suppose no one has exactly the same heroes (diversity) . And I do agree S1 heroes should still be a choice of prefered heroes.

I too run S1 heroes in my defense line at diamond. ( But not all original heroes) .

These newer heroes are more powerful, or have multiple abilities , the older guys will need emblem help .

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Below is my defence team and I can easily stay in diamond.

Alby is my only non old school regular 5* hero I have. Happy with him and saved me many many times in different situations. So for all his effort he is awarded a spot in the defence team.

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I pushed into diamond two weeks ago. I agree with you; it is exceedingly rare to run into TC20 tanks. This is completely anecdotal since I didn’t track it, but I’d say the most common TC20 tank has been Elena. Richard is probably also up there.

That said, I’m running an ~ +12 Boldtusk! People are probably pretty psyched to roll my team.


@Olmor, I’m just tankful you made that comment :joy::joy:


My classical 80ies-styled Richard with talent +5 (only the defense power way) is my tank. He surely helped me a lot! I’m always in the diamond section. :gem:

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I just can’t see why people see Li Xiu as a viable tank option… IMHO she (even if someone would waste emblems on her) is about as tanky as Fletcher and her special is neglectable…

I thought the same, but she was surprisingly effective at a certain level.

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I must have maxed her long time after I was past that level, because for me she was utter disappointment… forum held her in such high esteam, she was my first yellow 4*, so I left aside all else and maxed her asap. Now she only gets off the bench for purple titans and wars…25 orbs I have and three 1/1 Li Xiu, and I have no intention what so ever of ascending another…

My current defense is:

BT Aeron Vivica Richard Gregorion

Vivica as tank mainly because she is slow mana to (hopefully) charge up faster.

I float in and out of diamond on a regular basis but rarely drop below 2300.

My only other non-classic 5* is a 1/1 Ariel.


Any defense of maxed 5* heroes will sit comfortably in diamond.

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Yeah, she just Is the best 4* yellow tank with the most impactful mana control skill in the 4* range… Absolute trash, right?

She does the job just fine and with emblems e is an excellent tank.

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