Tank - Team Cost Change (To stop the Guin Griping!)

This has been said on many threads but I want to call out this #1 feature request so it isn’t lost.

Please change the team cost of specific heroes that are clearly meant to be defensive tanks so that only one can be included, while still including a full team of 5*

The way around this, of course, could be that a person could use two tanks, if they put a 3* hero in, but then that would weaken their team significantly, but would potentially create some fun strategic scenarios.

This way you don’t get “hero-specific” bans (like No Guin + Bosswolf, Guin + Aegir, Guin + anyone from anywhere)

It is easier to program, and relaxes the calls that some people have for NERFs.

This would also take the pressure off of people who are mad they can’t get / don’t have Guin.

Increase the Total maximum team cost to 134 (is 130 now) and make tanks worth 30, other heroes remain at their standard.

Also: Think of the MONEY. You could go back to making legitimate tanks! Bosswolf no longer needs to be neutered, Aegir can relax his brassiere, and perhaps you could have fun promoting this new feature!

It is not a panacea for all ills… but I think it’s a fantastic idea.

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