Tank - Team Cost Change (To stop the Guin Griping!) / Team should be controlled by team cost [Telluria]

This has been said on many threads but I want to call out this #1 feature request so it isn’t lost.

Please change the team cost of specific heroes that are clearly meant to be defensive tanks so that only one can be included, while still including a full team of 5*

The way around this, of course, could be that a person could use two tanks, if they put a 3* hero in, but then that would weaken their team significantly, but would potentially create some fun strategic scenarios.

This way you don’t get “hero-specific” bans (like No Guin + Bosswolf, Guin + Aegir, Guin + anyone from anywhere)

It is easier to program, and relaxes the calls that some people have for NERFs.

This would also take the pressure off of people who are mad they can’t get / don’t have Guin.

Increase the Total maximum team cost to 134 (is 130 now) and make tanks worth 30, other heroes remain at their standard.

Also: Think of the MONEY. You could go back to making legitimate tanks! Bosswolf no longer needs to be neutered, Aegir can relax his brassiere, and perhaps you could have fun promoting this new feature!

It is not a panacea for all ills… but I think it’s a fantastic idea.

Very good ideal. It would make players think of ways to use other hero’s they have.

Not really an option.
Even if heavily decreased, it wouldn’t be a solution.

Maybe if there were additional costs for talent nodes, so that one can’t set +100.

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As I see this misery around Telluria, I just got an idea, how can be solved.

Yes the fact is as I see top 100 players (maybe top 200 players) the usual tank is Telluria.
So if somebody likes raid, after a few round it igoing to be boring and causing demotivation.
(I have Telluria as well and keep my trophies around 2700) => good feeling

But if somebody have Vela, GM or Finley as well, of course he will use around Telluria.
All of them amazing heroes but I think the solution should’t to be nerf some of them.

Solution can be: LIMIT THE USAGE OF BETTER HEROES IN ONE TEAM (including defense team and attack team)

use team cost to control it => If you would like to take Telluria and Vela in defence team, ok you can but on the remaining 3 place you can use 4 star heroes only.

So I think E&P need to re-thinking TEAM COST and will be open a totally new mind set in the game.

Total team cost 150
Team 1
Proteus: team cost 20
Joon: team cost 30
Telluria: team cost 40
Vela: team cost 40
Kiril: team cost 20
Total team cost: 150
SO if you have Finley with team cost 40 you not able to use :slight_smile:

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I saw that idea already from MythWars game. That’s the way they do it like you said. You cannot over power your opponent. I think they are the same owner anyway. Small Giant and Karma.

I don’t find Tell or Vela or Grave overpowered by themselves, but they make an amazing team. Perhaps instead of working so hard to get an exact nerf that doesn’t weaken a hero too much but makes it strong enough for people to care, there should be limits to the power of a team at each trophy level (or some other arbitrary level).

Make sure (?) a hero’s power does a decent job of indicating value/strength—for example, strong hotms with lots of talents are higher than season one 5 stars with no talents—and limit the balance so that players need to make decisions to choose a team within the limit (eg, do i use three Top heroes in the middle of my line and weaken the wings or have a generally strong line with only a top tank). I think giving players a reason to choose a team other than pick all the strongest would keep things more interesting and lead to more fun raiding and war fighting.

You could use analytics to give heroes that are the most used a higher value and tweak that value automatically in each release.

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that way

When I first started playing this game and saw each hero’s power and the combined team power, I assumed that at some point I’d have to make some tough decisions about which heroes to put together on a team.

Nope! Turns out I can just throw whoever I want together at any time, don’t even have to look at that number!

I can see some positives and negatives to the idea, though. Positives would mean that there would be limits on just how powerful a defense or raid team could become, and people would have to get really good at figuring out the best way to tweak their team to get every ounce of awesome out of it.

Negatives would be… people would get really good at figuring out the best way to tweak their team to get every ounce of awesome out of it. :wink: I wouldn’t look forward to seeing what the number-crunchers come up with so that eventually the Top 500 are all exactly the same build with little variation. I’m sure there are some out there who would find that appealing, but I’m not one of them. And at a certain point, you would reach a point where there would be not much to do to continue to improve, and that would make things get stagnant.

So in summary… that’s one can of worms that I’d rather leave unopened. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!

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Anticipating this might get merged into a larger thread, but at time of response it was about limiting team power (rather than nerfs/buffs).

On that understanding, that was what I thought the team cost was supposed to do when choosing your characters.

When was the last time you even checked whether you could field a specific team in case it was ‘too expensive’? Yep, never. What did seem to be a balancing measure when I first started playing turned out to be a bit pointless…

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Totally agree! This idea has actually been proposed before as a way to make tournaments more fun. I really like it as it can force players to employ more creativity in their team set-ups.

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I agree with this completely, but I’ve played a lot of other games that started out with a mechanic like this that was abandoned because players (esp players who spend) do not like any limits on what they can do with things they “bought” or “earned”, and their constant complaining coupled with reduced spending potential easily persuades a company to relax and then abandon arbitrary controls like this.

Great idea on paper, in practice doesn’t hold well in a big game over time, esp when real money is involved


While I don’t like the idea in general for standard Raid Defense… I think it’d be really interesting for tournaments! Maybe not ALL tournaments, but at least throw some Team Power limits on some of them to see what interesting teams could be devised.

And I’m not talking about making a 4* Tournament with a max TP of 4500, because that’s pointless anyway. I mean… make it max TP 3200 or something and see what happens. :wink:

Still a downside, though… some people can probably afford to shuffle around emblems at will, and for others that would be out of the question, so we’d end up with sub-par teams against calculated monsters.

Good gaming!

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Actually I think you are almost on the right track , the team power costs was working fine ,EXCEPT it does not take into account emblems. A system needs to be reworked for emblems and maybe it could limit overall number of emblems used in defence


@JackREACHER @Fizban A good alternative is to set a limit on team cost, which is not affected by talent grid (only hero’s level). This idea has also been proposed before. I really wish SG can incorporate all these ideas to make the game more fun.

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