Tank solution


Right now there is a problem, a tank can not be created by Geneva, Wolf nerf comes out, Aegir nerf comes out, nothing can come out and they can not nerve Gin because of the divided opinions, but I think it is a matter of little will of SG. Pon Wolfe repaired, returns to Aegir the original, creates variety and, just like in S2, creates a family with a very great penalty if they play together. Everyone, even the Tops can vary and have everyone.


anything i say that doesnt speak in favor of the devs and their pocketbook is bein flahges. flagged. SG get to flaggin, you’ll be busy for awhile


Well @Ber I believe you have come up with the simplest solution to the ‘Guin’ problem. A family link that gives debuffs or decreases stats would really make one think about stacking tanks while allowing team variety to top tier players


@Rook @FraVit93, @Wormwood @TylerDirtyn @Uclapack @Coppersky @Brobb @JimMe @Avicious woul really like to hear your insights on this idea


While it could solve some issues it wouldn’t be the “right way” IMHO.

Maybe adding a ban & limited combo list would be a good idea, leaving family links to heroes who share something in common (and maybe adding some family to S1 heroes as, for example, a orc and goblinoid family for Boldtusk & Gormek + Skittleskull, Carver and such)


There are just so many problems with the tank situation and variety of viable defenses right now.
#1. A major problem with good tanks is that people complain about them and get them nerfed to a point they aren’t useable.
#2. SG likes to pump out attackers more than anything else in the game so everything is geared towards dealing damage.
#3. Color weakness + extra damage vs colors. With Jackal, GM, Athena, and soon the next green HotM, all these heroes really makes tanks of the opposing color very vulnerable to their already weak colors. This is the main reason Guinevere is pretty viable as a tank, sure you have Panther but she isn’t exactly easy to get and just look at the speeds for dark skills vs other colors.
#4. Whatever changes are made to tanks it won’t really matter cause people are running mono teams vs tank colors and with how raids often give the -10 + 50 raid searches, no defense is holding cups.

The only solution to the problem would be to change some skills to mobs/titan effects only and to limit the stacking of colors for AW/raids. This still wouldn’t be a solution tho cause people like to win and not lose and any changes would make raids/AW more challenging for people without level 80 depth. The raid system in itself has been complained about since the early days in the game with very little changes and I don’t see SG making changes to make tanks have better chances of being viable.


I can not totally agree, you talk about the situation above, but the game and the community is great, if in medium and low grade you can not stack, a Kras or a Bt are almost impossible to knock down, each raid would last 20 minutes.


I don’t think an outright prohibition on stacking makes sense, or is what @JimMe was suggesting. But there could be some mechanics changes that could lessen the power of mono teams.

For example, instead of a simple additive power, where a tile does 100% of each hero’s damage, you could put that on a sliding, declining scale. With two heroes, sum the damage and multiply by 0.9. With three, add then multiply by 0.8. And so on, so that stacking has declining benefits.


I’ve always been a stacker when it comes to AW/raids.
A declining stacking effect wouldn’t be so bad and is actually a good idea @kerridoc


On the sidelines, the original idea would be a huge boost for the game. Now everything is Tank Gin and 3,4 or 5 purples. If you suddenly have a huge tank in Gin, but also in Aegir and in Wolfe and in others, the strategic possibilities multiply exponentially and, Sg eyes, the needs too. The game would win a lot.


Simply making heroes “good tanks” won’t work cause of the attacking options out there for different colors. That is the point I tried getting across and making good tanks means people will just bring mono or 4/1 teams so it doesn’t matter what kind of tanks you make.
Changes need to be made before you can have viable tanks in all colors. Aiger would have been a nice tank but he was ripped apart cause people said he was OP which was far from the truth.


I’m just glad we continue to bring up the whole Guin/tank subject. I know it’s a figurative dead horse we keep beating down but I hope SG finally gets the hint and does something about it…

We’ve already had numerous suggestions from the community on how address the issue, some more viable than others… The two biggest issues I see are, #1 how do make changes Guinevere without pissing off all top players whose entire defense revolve around this one character and #2 how do we implement tank changes without drastically changing the dynamics of the game… What a conundrum…

I’m not a big fan of the whole family idea. I feel like i’m being forced into playing a certain way and with heroes I may not care for simply to avoid a debuff or self-damage penalty. Adding such logic to tank configuration options seems unnecessarily complex to me… So not a fan myself. A lot of details would have to be hashed out I guess…

So far the only option I’m buying into is adding a tank designation to certain heroes and only allow one per deck… This way tanks can have any op stats without getting nerfed so ridiculously… But even that may have some loopholes/caveats…

But in all honesty, I’ll take any option that would encourage tank diversity in the top 100… I’m so sick and tired of the same old Guin defense. I say that as one (of many) who’s spent a ton of time and money into acquiring Guinevere.


I’m going to listen on this one. I’m interested in the differing player ideas!


I think that changes to the formation could add quite a bit of diversity to the tank system.


I agree with this. Formations could add a lot of diversity in character options.


anything i say that doesnt speak in favor of the devs and their pocketbook is bein flahges. flagged. SG get to flaggin, you’ll be busy for awhile


Aiger precisa ser melhorado. Nem se compara com a guinevere, ele sendo um heroi mensal precisa ter suas habilidades melhorada ou modificada pra melhor claro. Inumeros jogadores não gostaram dele e nao querem usar 6 telescópios em um heroi do meis. Por favor smal giant revejam esse heroi. Ele tinha tudo pra ser um otimo heroi.