Tank selection Frigg - Garnet - Freya - Krampus

I’m thinking of changing my tank and I would like to hear your opinions.

Currently I’m playing around with full emblemed

Seshat/Ursena (in brackets always the relevant full leveled heroes without emblems: Freya/Kage/Clarissa)
Vela (Fenrir/Alasie/Krampus/Ariel)
Odin/ Drake/ Poseidon (Malosi)
Jean François (Mitsuko/ Garnet)
Frigg (Zocc/ Kingston/ Telli (I also don’t want to use anymore)

My current favourite set up is:

Seshat - Vela - Frigg - Jean François - Drake

Now I would like to play a bit around with my tank as I have Krampus, Garnet and Freya as a potential new tank.
I thought to remove eblems from Ursena and to give them Krampus. But Krampus flanked by Frigg (a heroe I want to use) is not optimal.

Checking the top of the rankings, I’m seeing Garnet (what would be a better combo with Frigg) and Freya more often as a tank.

Is there someone out there who is also using maybe Garnet, Krampus or Freya to tell me the experiences?

What would be your suggestions, checking my heroe pool?

I’d probably go Alaise, frigg, garnet, Odin, kage

Agree with this set up. But Seshat over Kage. Good Call @Anrui!

The reason why i called kage over seshat was the emblem shared between her and Alaise.
If not for that seshat is indeed the better wing

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Thanks for your first thoughts. With Kage left wing and Alasie right wing is an option, yes.

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