Tank restrictions (raid tornament)

Here is a small idea, a rule concerning raid tornaments that restrict certains heroes from being tank in def. This hero can still be place elsewhere.

This rule only apply when you can only use 4 or less colors. It depend also of the tornament’s feature.

For example here, we can’t use blue on bloody battle. So it Ban the most problematics tanks like GM and QoH. They can still be used as flanks.
GM is not banned on rush mode however.

META healers are not banned on bloody battle (guin, Kunchen)


  1. to avoid META
  2. just for fun, it forces people to use another strategy to build a tornament def team. Let’s be honest, almost every P2W has theses heroes and you encounter them almost always.
  3. balancing purposes.

Raid tournaments are a joke. The matchmaking stinks. Just designed to make you fail and spend gems and ultimately money. So frustrating I’m considering quitting the game. Let us play. Quit making every step we take require more money to play or earn rewards.

Agree and disagree.

I don’t have GM/Guin/Kunchen. :rofl:

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Blue color is removed -> Reds didn’t have their natural enemies -> peoples TACTICLY are using them in tank position for makes their defs hard.

Why this tactic play should be removes?

I didn’t said all reds removed from tank position. But only the ones that have quite unfair advantage for the current mode.

In Bloody battle, you can’t have any health. If you don’t manage to get a good board or kill GM before he fire twice which is amost always. You’re done, you can’t do anything. It’s game over since beginning. It’s a miracle if you can survive 5 days especially for F2P/C2P while fighting overused heroes

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