Tank question - For beginners

Beginner question. To be a good tank do you need a high heart or shield number? Position central?

Central position the tank.
Usually I think high shield is better, but it’s good to have both. Also stats don’t mean everything, the special is also important.

It is not always stated, but tanks are defensive heroes when you use that term.

Wu was a tank for me early on because he was my first maxed 4*; however, he is seldom called a tank in general discussion.

Look at player guide section. The hero grades by anchor give a specific grade for tankish ability.

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I’m looking to start playing empire puzzle soon but what should I know first

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@kennie_fluffball there’s a lot to read in the forums, probably the Player Guides and Gameplay & Tactics sections are particularly useful.

I would add this to your reading list for sure, maybe even the place to start: Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."

Also recommended reading: What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")

Best of luck!


What @EvilSmoothie said.

Generally the slower the mana speed, the more “survivability” the hero needs to be a good tank, which comes from defense + health (plus whatever the troop provides). But also consider what the special does - damage, healing, reflect, ???

A really general answer that I like, and use all the time, is… when you get more and more raid/war experience, a really good tank is one that you most hate to see on your opponents team (although this is partially colored by the particular makeup of your team)!

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I came across the following way of calculating ‘tankiness,’ which I continue to use because it works well for me. 2xDEF+HP (heart/life)= value of tank.

May the RNG gods smile on you!! :wink:


In addition to @badassninjadad quoted Tankiness, you also need to think about the impact of the special. A sniper is rarely a good tank because it’s firing doesn’t shatter your hopes.

Please have a look at Anchor et al’s rankings, which has a column for defensive tank:

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Lots of money, paracetamol, xanax, and lots of patience. . Money to summon heroes, headache from RNG, xanax for waiting for months to get materials to ascend your heroes. A few new phone , the game can drive you into frustration and all you want to do is to break your handset.
So expect alot of fun…good luck


This is a good calculation I was sent recently by @JonahTheBard

2xDEF+HP (heart/life)= value of tank.

Are you in an alliance - that could help you


Other good teaching alliances are available


Oops sorry @badassninjadad . Just realised the calc I referenced came from you!

Note to self: pay more attention !

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And this …

If you DONT spend a bunch you wont get far.

Don’t fret @Annieb. :wink: The method of calculating ‘tankiness’ didn’t originally come from me. It came from one of our great posters out there, but I have no idea where or when i read it. It was some time ago but have found it a very useful metric for calculating which tank is most effective. Cheers, and good luck to you!

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Thanks a lot I appreciate it

Thanks a lot I appreciate it and lol

I didn’t mean to do lol sorry