Tank position Ares / Aegir / Justice

I would like to know you opinion on how should i build my team:

i prefer to have all colours team and raids…

Nature: Lianna (tear 3; lvl 7) or Caedmon (tear 3; lvl 60)
Holy: Chao (tear 3; lvl 60) or Wu Kong (tear 3; lvl 60) or Justice (tear 3; lvl 29)
Dark: Rigard (tear 3; lvl 60) or Sartana (tear 3; lvl 70)
Fire: only usefull Ares (tear 3; lvl 70)
Ice: only usefull Aegir (tear 3; lvl 70)

My opinion: Lianna / Aegir / Justice / Ares / Sartana

Thank you!!

I would like to summon a new ice hero… which one would you recommend? 4* / 5*

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You are right :slight_smile: won´t do it again… :wink:

My consistent counsel is to build a strong 4* team first. 4* heroes at 4/70 take the same rare mats as a 5* hero to 3/70, but the 4* is almost always more capable. (Healers are an exception.) so while it’s good to look down the line into the future, I recommend you build a double 4* rainbow team first, then begin developing your 5*. Those ten 4* heroes will let you finish Rare Questst, Challenge Events, and get high Titan loot tiers, all of which give you the ultra rare 4* mats you will need to finish 5* heroes.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Aegir at 3/70 is useless. (Some will argue that’s he’s weak at 4/80.)

Moreover some heroes are great in one role but poor in another. Wu Kong, for example, is godly against titans but an easy target on defense.

Would you please post your available 4* heroes? I’m guessing you have some, given that you have this many 5*.


@Kerridoc, could you perhaps close the second thread OP created?

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Done. Thanks for helping me find it!


Richard, Caedmon, Ares, Lianna, Sartana for defense.

Cleanse + big heal, sniper + debuff, tank + heal over time + critical buff, sniper, sniper + dot.

Attacking Ares with the strong color blue stack will get punished against the green flankers who snipe and debuff. The dark wings will always have an advantage unless Wu + Joon come and can survive the buffed up attacks of Caed and Lianna.

And on the ice hero front:

  • Kiril is a super utility hero, with Heal plus attack and defense buff.
  • Grimm is an essential offensive hero. I have three at 4/70 and used them all last War (facing red tanks)
  • Sonya is a sturdy hero that snipes well and removes all enemy buffs. A blue Caedmon.

Any of those three would be a big plus to your team. The fourth 4* ice hero, Boril, is a very good tank at the gold raid tier, but isn’t much use as you advance.

Of the 5* blue in the portal, Magni and Isarnia are my favorites. Thorne is universally despised as underpowered. Richard is a boring but solid tank.

Again, I think you should be much more interested in getting Kiril and Grimm maxed than thinking about 5* heroes.


I got Ares and Aegir early on… so i have skipped developing the 4* in these colours… i understand the mistake i have done.

Thanks for you opinion… you would completely stop developing Justice?

You have no problem with missing gold / blue heroes on my defense team? It does not matter? Or the difference is not big enough if you compare it to all colors teams?

I would take Justice to 3-70 at least but there are better yellow tanks out there (Delilah and Guinever) which you may not get but people have certainly developed their offensive lineups to counter. Purple heroes that pack a punch are plentiful and will shred Justice to pieces at higher levels so it makes her an unwise investment in the longer term.

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