Tank: Gormek or Li Xiu? And how do I use Margaret?

Hi all,

F2P here (only ever spent about 2 EUR on gems, which got me Lancelot, so very happy!)

I already have a decent roster of 4s (with one more Yellow, could make 2 rainbow teams), and am beginning to ascend my first 5s. I believe that the best heroes are the ones you have, no use planning that you will pull Gravemaker or Hel - what are the chances?

Raid-wise, I am firmly in high Platinum. I can make it to Diamond on offense, but my defense does not let me stay there.

I have some specific questions below, but first, my roster: all maxed and emblemed unless specified.


  • 5* - Aeron (3/70)
  • 4*
    • Proteus
    • Sabina
    • 2nd Proteus (3/60)


  • 5* - Inari (3/70)
  • 4* - Li Xiu


  • 4*
    • Gormek
    • Lancelot
    • 2nd Gormek (3/60)


  • 5*
    • Aegir (3/70)
    • M. Lepus (3/70)
  • 4*
    • Kiril
    • Triton
    • Grimm (3/56, will take up to 3/70)
    • Boril (1/1)
    • Agwe (1/1)


  • 5* - Margaret (4/15, will max out and emblem)
  • 4*
    • Skittleskull
    • Jack O’Hare
    • Gobbler (1/1)
    • Gadeirus (1/1)
    • Kashhrek (1/1)

Blue is my strongest color in terms of number and quality of heroes. I rank Purple next, not as many as Green, but my Purples are generally much better than my Greens.


  1. Raid/War defense. Now that Margaret is about to surpass Jack and Skittles in terms of raw stats, should I bring her in? and if so, how do I arrange my team?

Am thinking:

a) Kiril - Margaret - Gormek - Li Xiu - Proteus

Gormek is tankier than Li; Kiril at left makes him fire first and boost my heroes’ attack. Margaret’s skill works best in flank, but has no defenses as tank.

b) Kiril - Margaret - Li Xiu - Proteus - Gormek (or switch Gormek and Kiril?)

Li is a good tank, and Proteus at Flank makes him more likely to actually fire.

  1. I only need one Scope more to ascend my first blue. Should it be Aegir or M. Lepus? When I do ascend, should I replace Kiril with one of them? Aegir would make more sense then, as I replace a defense booster with a defense booster, though I don’t totally replace the healing and I lose the attack buff. On the other hand, Lepus hits like a truck, and sometimes the best defense is a good offense…

  2. Among my 4* Greens and Blues, who should I prioritize?

A) Greens (to work on after Margaret) - was thinking Gadeirus, for family bonus with Proteus. Kashhrek is a decent tank, but I already have Margaret for Green, and Gormek and Li Xiu are both decent tanks too.

B) Blues (to work on after Grimm and while waiting for my last scope) - Boril over Agwe, for sure. And for ascension, I guess I should save my Warm Capes for Aegir and then for Lepus. With Kiril and Triton, I have enough maxed 4* Blues for now?

thanks for all your input :slight_smile:

image image image

Boril to me he will be very good as tanker.

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What would be your focus. Raids or titans or even purely defense?


2 EUR is not free to play since you already spent! lol More like c2p (cheap to play)

Anyhow Li serves me decent at tank when i flank her with two purples. She also does well paired with boril. (I do run a boril tank and Li flanking) Im not a fan of gormek as he hits too weak.

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thanks, all.

@AirHawk, For Titans and Raid/War offense and world map, I choose my team based on the enemies. My question here is more on Rad defense and War defense, as we have to set those teams once and can’t make changes.

Li Xiu, Boril, Gormek sounds like a good set. Should I use Margaret and Proteus too then? Or would I need at least one healer - meaning Sabina? So maybe Gormek - Sabina - Li Xiu - Proteus - Boril?

@Saudor : well, i’m F2P from now on :wink:

Aegir would be a solid choice as tank flanked by Margaret for raid/war defense.

I would usually not use Gormek for defense as he boosts up your defense score on defense during war.

I would recommend the below to become an annoying defense:

Aeron - Inari - Aegir - Margaret - Proteus


Thanks @AirHawk! That sounds like an amazing defense to work towards. Couple of questions:

  1. Would Inari-Aeron-Aegir-Margaret-Proteus be better? Aeron’s status cleanse only affects adjacents.

  2. Aeron and Inari will take a while to fully ascend, as I only have 3/6 darts and tabards. While waiting, would this be a good alternative?

Sabina - Li Xiu - Aegir - Margaret - Proteus

I pick Sabina over Kiril, as Sabina dispels and Aegir also buffs defense anyway.

thanks tons!

  1. It’s your choice but I would not switch just because of less protection on one of his sides. Inari and Margaret flanks can help to keep mana up and survival. Aeron can heal the whole team and if Inari is up he can keep healing the team faster.

  2. Yes. It would still work at the platinum level.

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@AirHawk thanks, appreciate your advice very much!

To understand your comment more, do you mean Aeron is best in the corner/wing because he’s less likely to get hit by an attacker? And that Inari is better in flank so she can charge mana faster? (I was initially thinking that Inari affects all allies so corner is fine for her.)

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It is a matter of who do you want to fire faster.

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Thanks! Appreciate the insight, Airhawk :slight_smile: Great consideration.

I’ve found that Margaret works best sandwiched between a good healer and a tough sniper example sartana and kunchen or righard Natalya and boldtusk also worked very well mostly going against lianna Joon and other heavy hitters she will doge every time practically keeping them alive indefinitely !!! Do not recommend her against hero’s that burn over turns aka gravemaker azlar ect because the initial damage is to low to trigger doge !!!

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(Did you mean to say gold instead of diamond?)
I have read your post and thread, and have a few comments to make.

  1. Grimm. Max him out, for sure. He hits like a truck. I’m in mid diamond and still use him consistently. If not for kiril, grimm would be the best blue 4* easily.
  2. Aegir. A maxed out Aegir is a very good tank in defense. If you have him and plan to max him, I’d maybe not bother with Boril for now. I used Boril for a long time as my tank, and he served me well in platinum. But Aegir is just so much better.

@Inigo oh thanks for the advice and for the correction. I switched them around - i’m in high Platinum and can reach Diamond on offense only.

and thanks, I will focus on Aegir as my next blue, then Grimm next depending on ascension materials.

thanks for the advice on Margaret! she definitely required a lot of thinking to use well

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