⛑ Tank for War on each color (Last update 2019-11-27)

We want to coordinate AW - tank, and want to choose which one is best/priority in order, and later we might change the color of the tank.
So I will create my opinion based on community so far, and I hope more opinion from community.
I want to know which heroes is avaibale as tank for 4* and 5*.

Notes: This is only for the reference of my alliance, and the best order is only a partial measure, and it should also deal with the synergy between other heroes.

Here is my summary:

No Red Blue Green Yellow Purple
1 Black Knight Aegir Yunan Guinevere Boss Wolf
2 Santa Richard Morgan Le Fay Onatel Ursena
3 Mitsuko Ariel Elkanen Delilah Kunchen
4 Gravemaker Boril Kadilen Drake Hel
5 Quin of Hearth Missandra Kashhrek Rana Seshat
6 Anzogh Thorne Gadeirus Poseidon Khiona
7 Zimkitha Kiril Justice Kageburado
8 Ares Vivica Sartana
9 Elena Leonidas Cyprian
10 Boldtusk Neith Rigard
11 Wilbur Joon
12 Gormek Musashi
13 Li Xiu
14 Hu Tao
15 Danza

EDIT: I will update this list later after there are good inputs and arguments, thank you.
EDIT2: last update 2019-11-27


I would personally say that your list is spot on imo. Though I think shortly a lot more people will chime in.


I would make a few adjustments to that list, but it really depends on your support hero’s. This would be my top choices of each color:

Red: My alliance has been running red for several months. Disclaimer - We don’t have any BK tanks and only 2 Santa tanks so data may be a little skewed.

  1. BK (Found him very irritating in raids). 2. Santa. 3. GM. 4. QoH

Not a fan of Mits as she crumbled too quickly for those that have her. She quickly got traded for another red. Ares is ok… probably 5th. I’d also put Bold and Wilbur above some others like Elena.

Blue: 1. Aegir 2. Richard. 3. Ariel. 4. Boril

Green: Move Kash up one spot.

Yellow: Swap Delilah and Drake.

Purple: No opinion… top 5-7 all seem to be nasty :grimacing:


I put Kadilen above Kashhrek myself, she protects her team against special skills better and she’s got the best damage of all the fast Hit-all heroes.

Kash is too easy to ignore in my experience with a couple solid 4* teams if you stack against his flanks. He’s good at baiting red stacks, but that’s really all there is to him.

Also I think Santa and Mitsuko are better tanks than Gravemaker. Former has devastating secondary effects, latter baits blue stacks and comes with mana reductions + Sorcerer class


exactly same thoughts: Santa before GM, QoH I also see some steps up; and Delilah before Drake.
On green, I am not sure with MLF, have rarely faced her in tank position, typically she is sitting in a corner waiting for a bite…

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Thank you @LadySuzanne, @DaveCozy, @Calling_Demon… great inputs, the list has been updated.

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