Tank advices green

My line up is domitia, mist, tank, glenda, Mariana.

Who do you think makes the best tank for them.

Kadilen costume, bertilla, lady of the lake.

Thanks for any insight you share.

A lot depends on emblems, but I’d do Costume Kad unless it’s a rush war. I’d swap Mist and Dom too,you need a beefier flank.



Thanks All of their emblems are +17-18. Im leaning towards kadilen as well. Unfortuantely I have no 5 star yellow :(. I kind of like how mist and glenda synergize though. Moving her to the wing might be a great idea, I’ll try it.

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Maybe you have some red 5* alongside Marjana?

C. Kadilen all the way… I personally find her even more annoying as a tank than Bera and Garnet who are similarly irritating. Also agree with @Chadmo about moving Domitia into flank instead of Mist.

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Thanks for the advice all sound slike kadlen is the way to go and thanks for the idea about swapping mist and domitia.

@ rillian I do have some other red 5 stars. it seems is all I get are red and green 5 stars and very few others. I have Grazul, ruben, azlar.lady loki

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quicj follow up question if I’m using kadilen costume as a tank how should I emblem her?

Defence path all the way IMO… keep her alive as long as possible and she’ll keep everyone dodging and making using specials against your team a headache

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